Friday, May 6, 2011

Play Dead - A Trick

Trick #18!!!

Play Dead!!

This is a very easy trick!  

You can either lure, or clicker train it. 
Since it's not very complicated, I mostly lured.
I did C/T for duration. 

First, put your down in a down position. 
If they will "Hip", it makes this trick even easier!
Seeker, doesn't 'Hip', but it was still easy. 

Next, take a treat and push it toward their chest. 
Here you'll need to watch for a weight shift, 
reward ANY shift at first. 
You are looking for them to lay on their side. 

When you get a 'side', JACKPOT!!!

Once they are doing this consistently, you can name it.
I use "Bang", probably not terribly PC, 
so pick any name you like!

Here's the video!
Finally, I can use some music I LIKE!
I figured you could live through 50 seconds of it!


Bury Me With My Guns On