Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Back On Track - Coat!!

I finally got one!
After a long time....pondering...do I really need to spend
'that kind of money' on a coat for Seeker, 

I did it. 

I purchased a "BOT" coat.

I figured as much money as we spend on entry fees, and traveling, 
the coat was a steal!  Especially if it will help prevent injuries!

(Below is Kruz modeling!)

 The coat is suppose to reflect heat, help to ease inflammation, 
reduce muscle pain, and increase blood circulation.

Although it's really 'Seeker's' coat, I'll try it on Kruz too, 
as he tends to have a sore spot on his back. 

 For Seeker, I'll use it to warm him up and cool him down.  I'm always sure to do a nice warm
up and cool down, but if this helps just a little bit more, it will be well worth it!

It sports some reflective patches, notice the glare!
Very pretty!!

There's a zipper for the dog's tail to come through, or for dog's without tails, there are elastic rear leg straps. 

The only thing I don't like about the design is the quick snap lock over the back. It seems to me that this might put pressure on the spine if the dog was laying down in it. I'll probably end up making my own adjustment and switching that to Velcro.

I found the sizing a bit challenging as well.  Thank you Nancy for the size advice!!  I would have gotten a size larger and I sure didn't need it!  If you know someone with the coat, you might want to ask for advice prior to ordering.  

Kruz isn't 'sold' on it yet. He can't seem to lay down in it,
but at least he's moving. 
When I first put it one, he didn't think he could move!  G

Friday, December 23, 2011

Fun things for Christmas

Rilda found me this fun coaster for Xmas!!
(A perfect picture of McNugget!!)

I'll have to find a way to hang
it in the mud room. 

It's just too fun to hide under a glass!

This of course is to remind me...
how much my chickens ...
being used as distractions!

Like most of us, they are in it for the food!

Back in the days of the 18" weave poles!
I guess I'll need to have these
made into some 2 X 2s??

Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy 80th Birthday Don!!

Today is Don's 80th Birthday!!

Don and his "Happy Birthday Bar"

 Don and Tina are still smokin' the courses!
They had a fabulous weekend at ICDOC
last weekend, finishing with a DQ on Sunday!

Don is always fun to watch and talk to.
He's known for his 'Abbreviated' Front Cross, 
and it sure works well for him. 

Of course you can't have a birthday 
without cake!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fall Trick Class 2011

We had our First Trick Class this Fall. 
I had a lot of fun, and I think the participants did as well. 

Tricks are a great way for .....

 Your dog to learn to learn.
The handler to learn how the dog learns.
To build a Relationship with your dog.
To learn balance skills/body awareness.
Warming up for performance events.

One interesting observation during class was that people tended to migrate to the same 'work station', or location in the room each night.  On 'Graduation' night, they had to come up on front to 'show off'.  Just moving the dog from the 'safety' of their normal work area, along with the handler's nerves of being in front of a group, was enough to impact some dogs performance.  Lesson Learned!  Next time we'll be rotating work stations every class!  This might be something you want to think about in your own training.  
Do you have a 'favorite' spot?
Get out of your 'comfort zone'.
Even at home...do you train in the same room?
Try moving around the house!

Below is a movie of just 
'some' of the tricks we touched on!
WELL DONE Class!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Nettle - 8 month picture

I haven't had the camera out as much lately.
So, the sun was out, I had a few minutes, 
so headed out to the front yard for a couple pictures.

She'd just had a bath and I 
wanted to catch her CLEAN!!
Trust me, it doesn't last!

We have a couple squirrels hanging around!
Never had squirrels before!
Good news...they are cute!
Bad news...they leave corn cobs around. 
Nothing more dangerous for a dog
to eat than a corn cob!

I always check the yard for them, 
when I let the dogs our front to play.
I found this one, but didn't quite throw
it far enough to get it over the fence. 
Nettle of course was going to retrieve it, 
so, good news...it got her away from me. 

I promptly tossed it over the fence 
after taking a couple pictures.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nettle's 8 Months Old Today!

Time is just a flying!  Nettle looks like a grown up dog in size, so I need to keep reminding myself that she’s just a puppy.  She’s about 19 ½ inches tall now and 40 lbs.  At this point, she might as well get up to 20 ¾ to help her over those 22” USDAA jump heights.  Although, I might be running at 26” if she keeps clearing those 3’ ring gates.  Lesson learned!  If you’re playing with Seeker, Nettle needs to go in a ‘box’, or over the gate will come! 
Related to both Mad and Nina, she shows some very similar behaviors!  She has more “Mad-is-um’s” than “Nina-is-ums”, and unfortunately…the Nina-is-um is the BAD ONE!  Namely Digging!  Of course, with Nina, we always blamed this behavior on Jamie…….but, maybe it wasn’t him after all? 
Nettle is a very willing learner, but easily distracted.  That’s okay, so am I!
Just like with most puppies, if it’s quite and she’s not in sight….you’d best go look for her!  Thus the reason for the 2 new baby gates.
BTW – The Munchkin Easy Close Metal Baby Gates are awesome!!  Even ‘if’ Nettle jumps over them.  She jumps over our “Rover Gate” too, that’s made of PVC….so, it makes not difference to her!  She’s an equal opportunity jumper!
Mad loved to come under the covers and cuddle while I read a book in bed.  One evening, Nettle wanted under, so I thought “Oh…isn’t this cute”…..so, I let her under.  BAD IDEA!  She didn’t want to cuddle at all!  She wanted to rut under the blankets like a pig…ended up pulling all the bedding up.  She stayed under, running in circles, having a grand ole time.  I finally got her out, and remade the bed. She tried it again the next evening….’Um…I DON’T THINK SO!” 
She’s very attracted to my cats.  We have 4 ‘farm’ cats, that are ‘freeloaders’…aka – food comes from a bag, why eat a mouse from the barn??  Nettle goes to visit them any chance she gets.  Our 12 year old cat, Chemi, will roll around on the ground, while Nettle sniffs her.  The 9 year old cat, Cher, gives Nettle the ‘eye’, so Nettle doesn’t even try.  The two 4 year old boys, Cougar and Chatter, draw her in, and then swat her on the nose.  Nettle’s caught on to those two, so approaches with caution. 

CATS, Seeker, Kruz, Momma, Poppa (in that order)
Chew toys
Stuffed Kongs

Going for a run in the open fields
Clicker Training – trick training
Jump Bumps
Running ‘dog walk’…aka Carpet
Tunnels and Chute!
Retrieving her bumper
Playing Tug
Sleeping on the bed
Blow dries
Peanut butter
Potatoes – unless they have sour cream in them.
Waiting her turn for ‘training’.
Jumps the new 3’ ‘baby gates’, from a stand still.
Digging Holes in the Yard
Sometimes won’t come inside when called.
Jumping up on us
Some Evidence!!

Seeker's favorite Squeaky Ball!


Squeaky Ball meets Nettle

 Nettle demonstrates "Global Warming"
on her Orbee Ball....
There used be islands
on the Planet Earth!

The Rock she brought inside
with her this morning.
(Almost a daily occurrence) 
"Trust me...it's a rock!!"

One of her new favorite

Orbee bone ends....
I know the rest of it is around here...
somewhere!  Honest!

Cute little baby toy.
I'm afraid to give it to her anymore!!
Do you blame me??


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kruz's One Million Mile Check up!

Kruz had his routine check up yesterday.
Everything seems to be in 'working' order....
or as much order as it can be when you're 
a March of 1998 Model.

 The only 'concern' was with his BUN and Cre levels, 
so, we'll be looking to make some slight adjustments
to his diet.  I'll continue with 'raw', as we've
fed this since 2000, but do a little research 
in order to find one that might be a bit more
heart and kidney friendly for our guy.  

Overall, he appears to be in 
tip top shape!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fall Feast - N - Kong Fillers!!

Strangely enough, I have a domestic side.
I have more 'hobbies' than most people.
In fact, I can't imagine not having them!

So, yesterday after I did my chores, 
I brought in a couple pumpkins & went to work. 
Doing what?
Making Pumpkin Puree of course!

This is great not only for pies, 
breads, muffins and such....
but as kong fillers!
Simply fill a kong and 
place it in the freezer!

The dogs LOVE THEM!

One large pumpkin makes 3 pies, 
and fills 6 kongs!

One Large pumpkin
from my garden. 

The birds eat the seeds and skins!
Very little waste and the 
"Windy Hill Fowl Farm and Puppy Ranch"!
Yes, the Turkeys survived TG!!

Bake at 350 degrees 
for about an hour.

A fork should easily pierce the flesh

Remove the outside skin.
 Slice into chunks.

A food processor works great. 
We don't have one, but
potato masher and hand 
mixer work great too!

Alas....we are out of evaporated milk.
So....no pie today.  

Saturday, December 3, 2011