Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nettle's 8 Months Old Today!

Time is just a flying!  Nettle looks like a grown up dog in size, so I need to keep reminding myself that she’s just a puppy.  She’s about 19 ½ inches tall now and 40 lbs.  At this point, she might as well get up to 20 ¾ to help her over those 22” USDAA jump heights.  Although, I might be running at 26” if she keeps clearing those 3’ ring gates.  Lesson learned!  If you’re playing with Seeker, Nettle needs to go in a ‘box’, or over the gate will come! 
Related to both Mad and Nina, she shows some very similar behaviors!  She has more “Mad-is-um’s” than “Nina-is-ums”, and unfortunately…the Nina-is-um is the BAD ONE!  Namely Digging!  Of course, with Nina, we always blamed this behavior on Jamie…….but, maybe it wasn’t him after all? 
Nettle is a very willing learner, but easily distracted.  That’s okay, so am I!
Just like with most puppies, if it’s quite and she’s not in sight….you’d best go look for her!  Thus the reason for the 2 new baby gates.
BTW – The Munchkin Easy Close Metal Baby Gates are awesome!!  Even ‘if’ Nettle jumps over them.  She jumps over our “Rover Gate” too, that’s made of PVC….so, it makes not difference to her!  She’s an equal opportunity jumper!
Mad loved to come under the covers and cuddle while I read a book in bed.  One evening, Nettle wanted under, so I thought “Oh…isn’t this cute”…, I let her under.  BAD IDEA!  She didn’t want to cuddle at all!  She wanted to rut under the blankets like a pig…ended up pulling all the bedding up.  She stayed under, running in circles, having a grand ole time.  I finally got her out, and remade the bed. She tried it again the next evening….’Um…I DON’T THINK SO!” 
She’s very attracted to my cats.  We have 4 ‘farm’ cats, that are ‘freeloaders’…aka – food comes from a bag, why eat a mouse from the barn??  Nettle goes to visit them any chance she gets.  Our 12 year old cat, Chemi, will roll around on the ground, while Nettle sniffs her.  The 9 year old cat, Cher, gives Nettle the ‘eye’, so Nettle doesn’t even try.  The two 4 year old boys, Cougar and Chatter, draw her in, and then swat her on the nose.  Nettle’s caught on to those two, so approaches with caution. 

CATS, Seeker, Kruz, Momma, Poppa (in that order)
Chew toys
Stuffed Kongs

Going for a run in the open fields
Clicker Training – trick training
Jump Bumps
Running ‘dog walk’…aka Carpet
Tunnels and Chute!
Retrieving her bumper
Playing Tug
Sleeping on the bed
Blow dries
Peanut butter
Potatoes – unless they have sour cream in them.
Waiting her turn for ‘training’.
Jumps the new 3’ ‘baby gates’, from a stand still.
Digging Holes in the Yard
Sometimes won’t come inside when called.
Jumping up on us
Some Evidence!!

Seeker's favorite Squeaky Ball!


Squeaky Ball meets Nettle

 Nettle demonstrates "Global Warming"
on her Orbee Ball....
There used be islands
on the Planet Earth!

The Rock she brought inside
with her this morning.
(Almost a daily occurrence) 
"Trust's a rock!!"

One of her new favorite

Orbee bone ends....
I know the rest of it is around here...
somewhere!  Honest!

Cute little baby toy.
I'm afraid to give it to her anymore!!
Do you blame me??



  1. How did that happen so fast? So what is Santa bringing - her naughty list isn't very long for a puppy so I'm sure she'll get some great stuff. She's awesome!

  2. I always said Nina was the one who taught Jamie to dig holes!

    Phoenix shares Nettle's view of universal deforestation of Orbee balls.

  3. are you sure it's a rock! Love reading your blog