Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy 80th Birthday Don!!

Today is Don's 80th Birthday!!

Don and his "Happy Birthday Bar"

 Don and Tina are still smokin' the courses!
They had a fabulous weekend at ICDOC
last weekend, finishing with a DQ on Sunday!

Don is always fun to watch and talk to.
He's known for his 'Abbreviated' Front Cross, 
and it sure works well for him. 

Of course you can't have a birthday 
without cake!!


  1. Happy Birthday, Don. Whether or not you are 80, you are AMAZING with the skills you've taught Tina and the handling you incorporate to get the job done. Most people can't do what you are doing at half your age or even a quarter of your age. Age means nothing when you ignore it and just do it full steam ahead. Hope to get south soon and see you guys again.

  2. Happy Brthday Don - I was sorry to miss you at ICDOC! Hope to see you in the spring!

    Jill and the Sibes!

  3. Happy birthday Don! You are the greatest!

  4. Happy Birthday, Don!! What a guy! I can't run as well as you do..and I'm 70! You are my inspiration!