Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sunny California...kind of.....

It was 'mostly' sunny, and CHILLY!! 
 At the PWD Club of Northern California Annual Water Trial.  
In Pleasanton, CA on August 4th & 5th.
 When you go from 98+ degrees, and 70 at night to 55 degree mornings, 
and 70's during the day, it's rather a shock to the system!  
Too bad I didn't pack a sweatshirt!  Or PANTS!!!  BRRRR!!

It was a fun time judging, and EATING!!!
I don't think I've ever eaten so much in such 
a short amount of time!  WOW!! 

Out the window of the 757.......

These are the exhibitors 'gift bags', 
They were GREAT!!! 

I even got one!  
Okay, so I didn't think the airline would understand
that the pocket knife was actually a GIFT!!
So, I gave that to my 'driver'.  

The little duck is extra cute!  
They have an annual 'Ducky Derby', 
the ducks are dumped into the water and PWDs 
retrieve them.  If they pick yours, you win MONEY!!
Strangely enough, the PWD owners should have 
practiced ahead of time......the PWDs were more interested
in peeing in the water.  That made it even funnier!  (':

 Here's the little beach area.  
They had two rings set up. 

The view from an adjacent dock. 
Sorry, we were not at the ocean!! G

Tiny cup cakes!! 
Yep, small....I took TWO!!  G

Barb made me this cute little name tab
for Nettle!!  It says "Wish you were here."
I'm pretty sure she was just being kind!
Nettle would have had a BLAST!

Speaking of fun!!
It's really hard to judge when you have these
kinds of distractions!
Luckily, I missed out on the Sunday baptisms! 
How could you seriously focus then?  

We don't have trees like these in Iowa!! 

But....we do have these!!
They are CASE Tractors!!
Lori looked at me like I'd just stepped off the farm! G
Well, guess what they had on display when we walked in? 
Yep, some Ertl replicas!  
Lori had never noticed before!! 

We ate here Sunday evening! 
The food was good, the company was great, .....
The bathroom.....well, Lori said I 'had' to go....
Who am I to argue!!

OMG!!  Animal noises are playing vs. music!
It was HYSTERICAL!!!  

It was a fun time! 
But worth it. 

Off to Toronto in a couple weeks.....
I'll be wearing a SWEATSHIRT!!!  G