Thursday, December 30, 2010

I have No Room in my Van

Has this ever happened to you?  

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Video 2010

Here's our 2010 Christmas Video.

It didn't turn out quite as I'd planned. 

First there wasn't any snow.
Then it was way too cold!!

Then too cloudy.........

Then last Saturday was JUST RIGHT!!

The dogs had fun!!

Kruz especially!
He was so funny, attacking the toys!!  

Seeker, he was sure the sled would eat him.

Cougar didn't want to miss out on anything!
Mad, well, she just wanted the COOKIE!!

Merry Christmas
 Happy New Year

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Who Do You Blame?

We seem to be a society in which nothing is our fault.  For whatever reason, we can't seem to take accountability. or responsibility for our own actions.  Today, I'm going to jump on that "It's NOT my FAULT" band wagon and start pointing fingers!  It might be good for YOU to do this as well!!

So, who are we 'blaming'?  That person that got you involved in 'Dog Sports' of course!  You know, the one that said, "You might like this."  Next thing you know, you're gone every weekend, have put more miles on your vehicle in 5 years, then you have in previous 15 years!  Missing family functions, to the point where they no longer expect you to be there! Knowing exactly which event you'll be attending 'years' in advance.  Picking up a new date planner every November, so you can write down your Dog Sports weekends You don't miss them!  There's just GOT to be someone to blame!

For me, it was Amy Steinbeck.  I had started a new job, and Amy started there 3 months later, she was showing in Dog Obedience.  At the time, we had two older lab mixes, and I wanted a little dog.  Bill wasn't all that keen on it, but I kept pushing.  Amy tried to get me interested in Min Pins, but I ended up with a little Bichon, Molly.  That was in December of 1991. 

Amy suggested I get into a class with Melinda Wichmann, this resulted in taking additional obedience classes at Kirkwood Community College.  There I met Linda and Judy and started Flyball.  Between Flyball practice and Obedience training, we stayed pretty busy, but what's just one more event?  Agility entered the picture. 

I was skeptical at first, would this really be all that much fun?   The local club offered NCDA back then, which would become UKC several years later.  Involved were Michele, Beth, Kay, Amy, Sheryl, Sue, Mary, and Patty. 

I was looking for a larger dog to run in agility, something that didn't shed!  With two older labs in the house, the last thing I wanted was more dog hair!  Watching Westminster in 1993, the Portuguese Water Dog caught my attention.  Several letters and phone calls later, in 1994, Rocky entered our lives.  I think I'll have to blame him on "Animal Planet"? 

This lead to participating in Portuguese Water Dog Water Trials.  Since we're in the Midwest, trialing is pretty limited, but you do need to condition them to swimming.  It's also helpful if you train!   

In 1996, AKC decided that agility was no longer a FAD, and jumped in with all four paws!  Great, now yet another venue.  My weekends were filling up like crazy!

A couple years later, Dena Brown, said, "If you're going to do agility and flyball, you should probably look at getting a Border Collie.  I know just the litter!  There are 3 boys to pick from."  Thus, Kruz came home with us in 1998.   Dena had another great idea, "Why don't you try some NADAC agility too!"  So, that was Dena and Sandy's fault. 

By 1999, something had to give.  We were just too busy.  So, we all but stopped flyball and focused more on Agility.  Sadly, Rocky passed away that year, he'd had various health conditions throughout his short life.  Luckily Linda and Krista Hunt from St. Paul MN that had a litter of PWD puppies that spring.  Yep, it's there fault that I brought home my Nina.  I'm sure by now you're thinking, "You had a choice in this."  I swear I did not!  They all made me do it!! 

We moved out to an acreage in the Fall of '99, somewhere we could set up some agility classes.  This 'might' have been my fault, but I can't remember. I think the dogs made me do it!

Mary Lowder had always enjoyed tracking, and I will admit being intrigued.  So, with her help, and that of Jerry Lewis, In the spring of 2001, Nina became my one, and only, (to date), TD.  Thanks guys, I'll be sending you a bill! 

Mad Dog came to 'visit' for some water training in 2002, to never return home.  Bill is pretty sure Linda and Krista PLANNED it this way.  We've learned we are NOT good 'foster/socializing' people.  We get too attached. 

Dena called on May 31, 2007 to tell us our new Border Collie puppy was just born.  Seeker is Kruz's nephew.  In July, we brought home, the newest addition to our dog family.  DENA'S FAULT!

I'm wondering if I took the all to court, if I'd have a case.  I suppose they might think I had a choice in this?  I honestly did not.  It's some kink of addiction that takes over your life.  There are times I sit back and wonder what I did with all that time!  With my life "BD". Before Dogs!

My dog friends are truly family.  We love to be together, we laugh, cheer, groan, and cry together.  As Don Smith said, "These dogs have brought me more wealth than anything else in my life.  I am healthier than I've ever been. I've seen more of the country.  I've met more people, than I ever would have without them."

Dogs are truly amazing animals, and Dog People are the absolute BEST! I love you guys!

Here's wishing you all a Wonderful Holiday Season!

My Attorney will be in touch.........

Saturday, December 11, 2010

In The PINK!!!!

Give ‘Dog People’ a ‘cause’ and they jump in with all FOUR PAWS!!  
They are funny that way. 

Recently one of ICDOC - (Iowa City Dog Obedience Club)’s long time club member, and friend was diagnosed with breast cancer.  We immediately wanted to offer support and help, 
but it’s hard to know what to do.

Someone thought a “Pink” day in support of our friend, as well as all others impacted by this 
horrible disease would be appreciated.

Bill ordered ‘Smooth Sailin’ pink sweatshirts, 40+ I believe. 

Melinda ordered Pink Cancer Ribbon Dog collars, $200 worth! 
Our boy dogs look GREAT in PINK!! 

Jeff donated his ‘specialty’, some terrific agility equipment!  One set of 24” weave poles, one set of 24”
set of channel weaves, a panel jump and 4 wingless jumps.  Raffle tickets were sold at $2 
each and it all went to Susan B. Komen Foundation.

UPDATE - $1000 raised!! 

Terry ‘Saint Terry’ gave his sweatshirt away by midday to women from MN that was 7 years post surgery.  He admitted, that while he looked GREAT in pink, he didn’t think he’d wear the shirt again.  The woman was touched, and Terry accomplished his good deed for the year.  We should all be so blessed!  Way to go Terry!

Exhibitors from Iowa and surrounding states showed up in various shades of pink!  It was a truly amazing thing to be apart of.  A great cause and great people!  Who could ask for more?

 Other than a cure of course. 

Frank PAX!! 12/10/2010

There's a new PAX in town!!!  

Marsha Kingsley (AKA: Meme), along with her 
Italian Greyhound, Frank, 
earned their 20th DQ Friday!!  

Frank is a sensitive soul, thus the Orange people had
to do a silent celebration.  

You have NO idea how hard that is for Orange people to be quite!!  
The duct tape sure helped!!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Safety First! It's that time of year!!!

I'm sure most people are aware that Fall and Winter not only mean;
falling leaves, temperatures, and snow.  
They also mean HUNTING SEASON!!! 

Whether you hunt or not, it's important that 
when you venture outside with your canine 'kids' 
that you keep them safe too! 

We live in the country, and while we do have a fenced yard, our
dogs are often out running around 'loose' with us.

We do keep an eye on them of course, but you never know
when you might have an unexpected visitor drive down the lane.

This time of year if Seeker is going to be 'loose', 
he always goes out with his safety jacket on.  
Kruz and Mad, being a bit more 'mature' have bright coats to wear,
when outside the fenced areas.

This is something you might want to do for your 'kids' too. 
Whether you're out for a walk in the woods, or an open field.  
Accidents happen.

I also wear orange when I'm ridding my horse out in the fields.
I'd heard of a rider in Southern Iowa several years ago that 
actually had her horse shot out from under her.  
The hunters thought it was a deer! 

Do you track with your dog?
Get him an orange vest, get yourself on too!

Hunter are very careful, but accidents do happen!