Monday, December 6, 2010

Safety First! It's that time of year!!!

I'm sure most people are aware that Fall and Winter not only mean;
falling leaves, temperatures, and snow.  
They also mean HUNTING SEASON!!! 

Whether you hunt or not, it's important that 
when you venture outside with your canine 'kids' 
that you keep them safe too! 

We live in the country, and while we do have a fenced yard, our
dogs are often out running around 'loose' with us.

We do keep an eye on them of course, but you never know
when you might have an unexpected visitor drive down the lane.

This time of year if Seeker is going to be 'loose', 
he always goes out with his safety jacket on.  
Kruz and Mad, being a bit more 'mature' have bright coats to wear,
when outside the fenced areas.

This is something you might want to do for your 'kids' too. 
Whether you're out for a walk in the woods, or an open field.  
Accidents happen.

I also wear orange when I'm ridding my horse out in the fields.
I'd heard of a rider in Southern Iowa several years ago that 
actually had her horse shot out from under her.  
The hunters thought it was a deer! 

Do you track with your dog?
Get him an orange vest, get yourself on too!

Hunter are very careful, but accidents do happen!

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  1. Year ago someone shot at Jazz and I when we were walking along the road. Thank doG they missed. I was told that a hunter sees a flash of white and assumes it is a deer tail. My grandpa was a hunter all his life and would have had a FIT to hear that! Anyway - not everyone is responsible and sensible so I agree - WEAR ORANGE. Thanks for the reminder.