Saturday, December 11, 2010

In The PINK!!!!

Give ‘Dog People’ a ‘cause’ and they jump in with all FOUR PAWS!!  
They are funny that way. 

Recently one of ICDOC - (Iowa City Dog Obedience Club)’s long time club member, and friend was diagnosed with breast cancer.  We immediately wanted to offer support and help, 
but it’s hard to know what to do.

Someone thought a “Pink” day in support of our friend, as well as all others impacted by this 
horrible disease would be appreciated.

Bill ordered ‘Smooth Sailin’ pink sweatshirts, 40+ I believe. 

Melinda ordered Pink Cancer Ribbon Dog collars, $200 worth! 
Our boy dogs look GREAT in PINK!! 

Jeff donated his ‘specialty’, some terrific agility equipment!  One set of 24” weave poles, one set of 24”
set of channel weaves, a panel jump and 4 wingless jumps.  Raffle tickets were sold at $2 
each and it all went to Susan B. Komen Foundation.

UPDATE - $1000 raised!! 

Terry ‘Saint Terry’ gave his sweatshirt away by midday to women from MN that was 7 years post surgery.  He admitted, that while he looked GREAT in pink, he didn’t think he’d wear the shirt again.  The woman was touched, and Terry accomplished his good deed for the year.  We should all be so blessed!  Way to go Terry!

Exhibitors from Iowa and surrounding states showed up in various shades of pink!  It was a truly amazing thing to be apart of.  A great cause and great people!  Who could ask for more?

 Other than a cure of course. 


  1. Awesome!!! Wonder how much we raised? We should make this a tradition every year!!!

  2. I think we raised $1000. I agree - we should put this in the program and give everyone a chance to participate every year. Thanks for the great video.

  3. Awesome! It's amazing how much pink was there.

  4. I agree, think it should be a yearly tradition. Love seeing all the pink, wonderful cause. Thanks for the video.

  5. That's so beautiful. Thanks to everyone involved.

  6. It was a very fun day, good times, good friends, good cause. And the guys look great in pink. I think Phoenix ran faster in his pink collar.

  7. Awesome Video - I so loved seeing everyone in Pink! You guys are awesome!