Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Video 2010

Here's our 2010 Christmas Video.

It didn't turn out quite as I'd planned. 

First there wasn't any snow.
Then it was way too cold!!

Then too cloudy.........

Then last Saturday was JUST RIGHT!!

The dogs had fun!!

Kruz especially!
He was so funny, attacking the toys!!  

Seeker, he was sure the sled would eat him.

Cougar didn't want to miss out on anything!
Mad, well, she just wanted the COOKIE!!

Merry Christmas
 Happy New Year


  1. That is so funny - I love how Kruz kills his "riders"!!!

  2. I love it. Yep - Kruz was making sure all his riders behaved or else...Love Cougar and Seeker's role. And Mad - yep, she was on a mission for sure. Thanks!

  3. yay! Love it! My favorite part is the warm, christmas-y feeling I get when Kruz attacks the riders. :)

  4. Kruz was a riot in this video...he was really into the Christmas "spirit". You are so creative. The video made me laugh - especially the music.

  5. Oh...Tammy, I just love this! When the music started the Brits ran to the computer...they though a varmint was in the house! That's a sorta form of skijoring. The Brits would not pull...stop, point, hold that point..get the gun! get the gun! shot the critters on the sled!

  6. That was adorably fun! Were the riders super-glued into the sled? Cuz they never moved. Kruz was hysterical. Can you shoot another one with Cougar riding in the sled? The Belgians would like to come help. Fun, fun, fun.