Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday - 6/28/09 - Burnsville Results

The weather was wonderful in MN today!

Kind of an interesting day as the Waterloo girls each took Q's out of JWW.
Mad and Kruz, however, decided it would be nicer to Q in Standard instead.
So we all went 50%, We'd have preferred a few Doubles...but those are the breaks of the game!

Seeker decided to show everyone up by Qualifying in both of his classes!
Yes, it's true!!!
HAIL did FREEZE over in Minnesota as Seeker earned his first Nov JWW Leg!!


His time was a blazing 14.77 seconds.
Clark O, the timer laughed at the end and said there must have been a timing error.
The judge, Don came over after the class and said,
"I knew this course would be fast, but I was thinking 19 seconds fast."
It was a LOT of fun! Especially when the bars all stayed up!

Hopefully we'll be out of Novice by the end of the year.
Maybe we should start a 'pool'??

Seeker ran clean in Open Standard as well to finish up his OA and
will make the move into Excellent A.

I'm much more comfortable with the Standard courses, as you have so many 'stops'.
I think it's a control thing. I know he will stop, so in reality I'm just handling 'small sequences' between contacts. In JWW, it's all about getting the Mail there on time!!!

The only thing I would have done differently is to put a front crossed after the tunnel at the end.
I didn't think I'd be able to make it, but as I was getting to the end of the tunnel I realized I could have made it and ended up waiting for him. This caused a pretty sloppy ending.
We got the job done however.

Wendie and Dervish completed the cross BEAUTIFULLY and looked awesome!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday - Burnsville, MN - New MXF

In Burnsville, MN this weekend for the AKC Agility trial with Rhonda Crane and Don Farage at the Soccer Blast. They had really nice courses for our running pleasure today.

Orange crew present were, Michele/Packer, Carrie/Addie and Bill and myself with Kruz, Mad and Seeker.

Michele Q'ed in JWW with Packer today with 4th place, she got 1st yesterday in JWW. It was a down on the table today and Packer DID IT!!! Not as fast as Michele would have liked, but she DID IT. Then Michele pulled her off a jump to miss a DQ!!! ALMOST!!!!!

Carrie and Addie Q'ed in JWW and 'almost' in Standard as Carrie's front cross at the end of the weaves pulled her at the #10 pull. RATS!!!

Mad nailed her weave entry in JWW, but slipped past the 3rd pole, RATS!!! She was pretty brilliant in Standard if she'd only hit that a frame contact!

Kruz Q'ed in JWW and had a bad handler in Standard. He finished his MXF (Master Excellent FAST) with Dena Brown running him!! I had a conflict in Open Standard with Seeker.

Seeker Q'ed in Open Standard for his second leg. He was very good and really NAILED his table. He almost slid off, but dug his nails in to hold on! I was very happy with that! Makes tugging on the table so worth it!! On misdirect on my part at the end, but with one off course he still Q'ed.

Our destiny to remain forever in Novice JWW continues as he dropped a bar with 3 jumps to go. Just when people started to think we had it! G He did everything else so well, so we'll see what we decide needs to be done with that when I watch the video a few more times.

Off to bed!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Happy Father's Day!!!

Bea apparently 'knew' what she was doing and saved her DQ for the correct day!


Jeff and MACH BEA!!!!

(From Jeff)

Terry and I drove to Milwaukee Friday night in the rain. Emily, Michele’s Garmin GPS, took us 15 miles the wrong way. She was trying to go to the wrong trial site instead of the Days Inn. When we finally got to the motel, we were told that they were trying to close the “bank” and it would take 15-20 minutes before we could check in. We got to the room about 12:30 AM. It was still raining.

We meet Carrie & Addie in the morning and she got us to the trial site. They got 5” of rain in 2 days. The park was a swimming pool. Standing water everywhere. We set up camp on the high ground. The Std course was beautiful. Addie got 2nd place in 12”. Bea dropped the triple jump and FLEW of the teeter. Rippy ran around the triple and spun on a hard push to a jump. JWW had standing water at both ends of the weaves and a tunnel stuck in the middle of the course that really screwed up handling options. Addie broke her stay but Carrie was doing great until she slipped and did the splits twisting her knee. She tried to get up but was to close to the jump. Rats. Bea broke her start, dropped the first bar, did the hard part, dropped the triple, and finished strong. Crap. Rippy and farmer Terry Ran a beautiful course and got third. Terry was running in his chore boots. Everybody got a kick out of that. I have the video.

We decided to cool off the dogs, so Terry and I slid down a mud path 100 Yards to Lake Michigan . Imagine Romancing the Stone when Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner slide down the mountain. Yeah, I was grabbing bushes & praying I would get to the bottom without serious injury. Bea, Rippy, & Terry went swimming. I stuck to wading because the water was COLD. Carrie saw us and slid down the same path with her bad knee. Addie and Paulie joined the others retrieving sticks and attacking the waves as they broke on shore. Terry found a really cool 15lb rock. We saw other people and dogs down the beach, so we walked down there. There was a paved road down from the park. We opted to walk up the road with the rock. We may be stupid, but we ain’t dumb. The dog must have been tired. We got 10 hours of sleep.

SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY dawned clear, cool, and dryer. The Std course was firmer, and they moved the JWW course to a dryer, not as chewed up area. Bea led off in STD. She hit but did not hold a single contact but I managed to adjust on the run and we kept the bars up. Thank you agility gods. We got third. Rippy took 1 off course because Terry was moving and she decided she had held her teeter contact long enough. Besides, the double is right there dad. Addie had a cluster.

JWW was different. Imagine the course as a big box. Jumps 1,2,& 3 were spread out from right to left along the bottom. Then you turned right and did a tight zigzag up to hard right turn to the weave poles. Out of the weaves into a figure 8 just like the heeling exercise in obedience, and then a pull and push to the end.

Everybody was trying to throw front crosses. Bea like to be in front so I decided to try all rear crosses. I was sitting by myself, Terry and Carrie were avoiding me like I had the plague, going over my plan when the dog about 10 ahead of us ran clean. The trial chair tried to give the handler a MACH bar & ribbon. He just looked at her and said “that’s not for me”. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Bea was amazing. She held her stay, read every cross, nailed her weaves at full speed. When we got into the first pinwheel and she KEPT the triple up I thought “we could do this”, STOP THINKING AND RUN. We got through the second pinwheel with the double, a pull to jump 18 and a push to the last jump. Holly cow, we’re clean. I let out a yell and grabbed the bar off the last jump. Bea wanted nothing to do with the crazy guy with the stick. I tried to get her to jump some jumps on the victory lap, all she wanted to go get her Frisbee. I did remember to put her lease on before leaving the ring. We got third again. I stopped shaking in time to tape Terry and Carrie. Rippy dropped a bar and ran around a jump. Double rats. Carrie and Addie nailed the course. Carrie ran the course with rear crosses and Addie was rock solid on her weaves. I think Addie was saying, “See, I can do it if I’m in the mood”.

The dogs celebrated with chicken tenders at Culver's on the way home.

A BIG thanks to Carrie & Terry for video taping and your silent support. Your GREAT.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Report from Cudahy, WI

Carrie - Reporting from Cudahy, WI on Saturday night -
via the hotel computer as Huey at the 'dr' getting 'fixed'.
Huey = Carrie's Lap Top.


Beautiful day except for the 5 inches of rain that fell the previous day!! Not so much mud, but standing water everywhere. Gore tex shoes don't work when the water goes over the tops of your shoes. Terry ran in his knee high boots.

Addie Q'd in std. 2nd place.

Jww Rippy and Terry Q'd. I slipped in the water in jww and went down.
I wasn't able to get up fast enough to save the run.

We took the dogs swimming in lake Michigan after we slid down a very steep muddy cliff. Using small trees to hold on to so I didn't slide down the hill. I had to take the dogs' leaches off so they could fend for them selves. We found an easier way up!

I'm told that someone 'might' have pictures of Terry running in his waders and
Carrie falling down. I'll see what I can collect!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Belvidere Results - 6/13 & 14

Earlier in the week they were promising a WONDERFUL weekend weather wise. It was NOT meant to be as Saturday was WET! On the up side, it was also cool, which allowed us to comfortably wear our rain gear. Or in Bill and my case, Terry and Barb's spare rain pants! THANK YOU!!!!!

Carrie and Addie got their MACH on Sunday! GOOD JOB YOU!! (See prior post)

Immy and Meg looked GREAT all weekend!! A few bobbles in 3 of her classes, but she kept moving and her nose OFF THE GROUND! Great job Meg!! It's working!! On Sunday she got an Excellent A JWW leg and a First Place!!

Coz and Barbara looked GREAT!!! An off course in each JWW run kept them from a Q, but wonderful attitude and they had a great time together. He came away with 2 Nov Standard legs and a couple First places! GREAT JOB!

Rip and Terry looked wonderful all weekend, just one thing here or there. Keep up the good work!

Frank and Meme were PERFECT! Of course they were! 4 - 1st Places to boot, along with two new titles! He finished his Open Preferred Standard and JWW titles on Saturday and picked up his first 2 legs in EXC A on Sunday! GOOD BOY!!

Kruz went 3/4, Mad 1/4 (Shoulda been 3/4) and Seeker 1/2. Seek can't seem to keep his bars up in Nov JWW, we just might be there forever!! G Seeker picked up an Open Standard leg his first time in. Good boy Seek!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


(Photo by Marsha Kingsley)

Today at the Car-Dun-AL AKC Agility Trial in Belvidere, IL,
Carrie and her 3 year old Welsh Cardigan Corgi finished their MACH!!!

A few tense movements on the Standard Course where Carrie over handled the weaves a bit, but Addie Sue found them anyway!!! Carrie took care to be sure Addie hit her dog walk contact, as she'd been pushing the limits on that one. They were CLEAN!!!!

Next came JWW. What a lovely flowing, yet challenging course. Carrie said when she walked it she couldn't believe how straight forward it was and was afraid she was missing something. She Said she was going to run QUITE and not over handle. You can only here her say two words in this video. Weave and Tunnel!! Nice Job Carrie! (Of course she us this AFTER her run)!

Before her run Carrie disappeared into the corner of the ring to collect her thoughts,
visualize her course and I'm guessing ......

praying A LOT!!! G

Before MACH!

Way to go Carrie and Addie!!!

Carrie and Addie have had a FABULOUS career and will have many more MACHs to come!

Carrie, Addie and her two Judges - Laura English and Anne Riba!!

You Go GIRLS!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

La Crosse, WI - Update - Carrie and Michele

Went to La Crosse, WI over the weekend and brought home some ribbons!

Carrie and Addie -

1st in Saturday 1st in JWW.
Sunday - They got QQ number 19!!!!
1st is JWW and 2nd in Standard. Good contacts. Good stays.

They are on a ROLL!!!!!!

Michele and Packer ran on Sunday.
She Q'ed in JWW with a FIRST PLACE!

Got a decent 'sit' on the table!!

Had a great run in FAST....but the judge or scribes messed it up.
Trust me, you'll get a 'gift' someday!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Michelle Persian Lessons!!!!

Michelle's lessons yesterday went VERY WELL!
I know everyone received some great ideas and
'take aways' to continue to work through.
Not to mention, we couldn't have asked for NICER Weather!!!

Agility has really changed in the last 5 years and it's really become
skill based, starting with the handler and then putting dog and
handler together to work as a team.

Gone are the days of "as Melinda put it", going from obstacle
to obstacle 'holding each others' paw.

Michelle follows Linda Mecklenburg handling system.
For more about Linda and her program - see below.
(Carrie, if you look under dogs she once had a Corgi!!)

I would like to work some of this system into our classes, so this week
I'll be asking who would like to do courses and who would
prefer 'skill work'. We'll be breaking up classes this way so
that everyone can get what they need.

Michelle is willing to come back for more privates.
She limits her lessons to 8 hrs per day.
We didn't have any problem filling her day this time,
and from talking with those that participated yesterday there
is interest in seeing her again.

Stay tuned!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ames - Agility Trial Results

I'm sorry I don't have pictures of EVERYONE!

I obviously had more time to 'shoot' on Sunday.

You need pictures? Marsha was there!!


Packer and Michele -

One JWW Q Sun. No Standard Q's, but her best tables Ever both days.


Barb and Coz made their 'de-butt' in AKC Nov B 20" class.
He is doing GREAT with 2 Q's in JWW and a first and second place.
He was 'so close' in Standard and there were a lot of things to be very proud of!


Meme and the Weasels -

Frank - went 4/4 for the PERFECT weekend!
All first place!
Open Preferred 12"
He's the WINNER!!!

Betty - DQ on Sunday with a 3rd and 4th!
Way to go Betty!

Vinnie - learned about BUBBLES from Aunt Rilda!

"Let ME TRY!!!!"

Photo by Marsha Kingsley


Cider and Michele -

Cider and I should have been called "Rusty and Dusty" cuz that's how we ran.
We only Q'd in jww on sat. I know it was all my fault.
I got lost on JWW on Sun, and my timing was bad the other 2 runs.

Tilley and Liz -

Rilda and Rylee -

Ryelee Q'd on Sunday standard, 3rd place. Ran nice for me on Sat. but no Q's. Sophie had not seen a table in 4 or 5 years so decided not to have anything to do with it. It went downhill quickly from there. I will say that on the JWW course I got lost, not her fault (I hate saying that)! She did do her starts great so that was good too. But for me it was hanging out with everyone that made my week-end. My trials have been few and far between. It felt good. Not to mention the FOOD!!!!!

The Deer Slayer

Phoenix and Melinda -
No Q's but I was really happy with the way we ran together, especially on
Sunday. I was trying hard not to hang back and "spectate" which had become
a habit when running Jamie but to really drive him for speed instead. It
worked! OK, sometimes at the expense of doing all the jumps but oh well. I
worked hard on doing front crosses, too, a bit of a challenge for me but
the two of us are getting better.

Jeff and Bea -

Scamp and Liz -

Rocket and Sheryl -

Kena and Jill - Finished their AXJ TITLE!!!

Summit and Jill earned a Novice Standard leg on their De-butt weekend!!

Addie and Carrie -

Addie 1st JWW on Saturday and 2nd in Standard on Sunday.

Pauly and Carrie -

He had a LOT of fun!!
Some problems on Saturday, but had a LOVELY run in JWW on Sunday.

I SAW IT!! (':

Rippy and Terry -
Went 3/4 for the weekend in the 20" B class!!
They are on a ROLL with 1- first place and 2 seconds!

Katie and Jennifer -

Our only Q was in Standard on Sunday, but it was the first time in over a year that we have Q’d in standard so yippee! She ran great all weekend again and would have Q’d more if her handler would remember to balance “push” with “patience”.

Katie and Beau -

Had a fantastic weekend! He DQ’d on Saturday: the first time EVER that he has Q’d in Standard! He also finished his NJP on Saturday. I moved him up to Open Preferred on Sunday and Q’d again! He almost Q’d in Standard on Sunday, but the scary lady in the umbrella chair by the A-frame did us in. He was such a brave boy all weekend!

Beau got a new leash and Katie got a new collar for their efforts

(plus they got to split a cheeseburger on the way home).

I'm pretty sure they liked the cheeseburger BEST!!!!"


Seeker and Tammy -

Seeker finished his NA on Sunday -
He got 1st place which wasn't difficult as he was the 'sole' survivor! LOL

(Photo by Marsha Kingsley)

Happy Birthday Seeker!
He turned two on Sunday. How time flies!
Hopefully he wasn't suppose to be 're-measured'...if so,
oh well....we'll continue on in Novice Standard for awhile. G

He was good boy, he cleared the broad jump 'aka - bridge', nailed his table and held all his contacts for both Standard runs. I was a bit concerned about the winged jump before the weaves, but I did a little jig hop and apparently that helped him keep that bar up.
He was pretty funny on the table on Sunday. He really wanted to try out that teeter again!

We'll continue to work on some 'set jumps' and at keeping the bars up with speed, as I won't baby sit them. He did great in JWW from a handling stand point, doing everything I asked of him. But as Jeff pointed out, it doesn't matter how fast you are if you're bars come down.
So, we're a work in progress as he needs to be responsible for that part of the course.

Bill was a bit concerned as I told him that we would 'not' be able to go to the Hickory Park for dinner if Seeker didn't - 'hold his contacts/clear the broad jump/nail his table'. So if you heard some loud prayer and witnessed the rosary beads in his hand...that is why.
Lucky for Bill, his little dog came through for him.
I'm pretty sure I witnessed a 'heart to heart' talk between them Saturday morning.

Mad and Kruz could have both used a 'new' handler this weekend as I wasn't much help to either of them. But I promise to be better in 2 weeks!! Mad got her weave poles every time which is quite an accomplishment for her! She got 4th in JWW on Sunday and tried to 'take out the judge' at the knees on Saturday. I'm not sure which of them was more surprised?