Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday - 6/28/09 - Burnsville Results

The weather was wonderful in MN today!

Kind of an interesting day as the Waterloo girls each took Q's out of JWW.
Mad and Kruz, however, decided it would be nicer to Q in Standard instead.
So we all went 50%, We'd have preferred a few Doubles...but those are the breaks of the game!

Seeker decided to show everyone up by Qualifying in both of his classes!
Yes, it's true!!!
HAIL did FREEZE over in Minnesota as Seeker earned his first Nov JWW Leg!!


His time was a blazing 14.77 seconds.
Clark O, the timer laughed at the end and said there must have been a timing error.
The judge, Don came over after the class and said,
"I knew this course would be fast, but I was thinking 19 seconds fast."
It was a LOT of fun! Especially when the bars all stayed up!

Hopefully we'll be out of Novice by the end of the year.
Maybe we should start a 'pool'??

Seeker ran clean in Open Standard as well to finish up his OA and
will make the move into Excellent A.

I'm much more comfortable with the Standard courses, as you have so many 'stops'.
I think it's a control thing. I know he will stop, so in reality I'm just handling 'small sequences' between contacts. In JWW, it's all about getting the Mail there on time!!!

The only thing I would have done differently is to put a front crossed after the tunnel at the end.
I didn't think I'd be able to make it, but as I was getting to the end of the tunnel I realized I could have made it and ended up waiting for him. This caused a pretty sloppy ending.
We got the job done however.

Wendie and Dervish completed the cross BEAUTIFULLY and looked awesome!


  1. Good boy Seeker!!!!! (ok... and you other guys too ;-)