Monday, June 8, 2009

La Crosse, WI - Update - Carrie and Michele

Went to La Crosse, WI over the weekend and brought home some ribbons!

Carrie and Addie -

1st in Saturday 1st in JWW.
Sunday - They got QQ number 19!!!!
1st is JWW and 2nd in Standard. Good contacts. Good stays.

They are on a ROLL!!!!!!

Michele and Packer ran on Sunday.
She Q'ed in JWW with a FIRST PLACE!

Got a decent 'sit' on the table!!

Had a great run in FAST....but the judge or scribes messed it up.
Trust me, you'll get a 'gift' someday!!


  1. Whooooooopeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! Now she just needs ONE more!! C'mon Belvidere!!!!!!!

  2. Good job Addie!!! (and you too Carrie)