Saturday, June 6, 2009

Michelle Persian Lessons!!!!

Michelle's lessons yesterday went VERY WELL!
I know everyone received some great ideas and
'take aways' to continue to work through.
Not to mention, we couldn't have asked for NICER Weather!!!

Agility has really changed in the last 5 years and it's really become
skill based, starting with the handler and then putting dog and
handler together to work as a team.

Gone are the days of "as Melinda put it", going from obstacle
to obstacle 'holding each others' paw.

Michelle follows Linda Mecklenburg handling system.
For more about Linda and her program - see below.
(Carrie, if you look under dogs she once had a Corgi!!)

I would like to work some of this system into our classes, so this week
I'll be asking who would like to do courses and who would
prefer 'skill work'. We'll be breaking up classes this way so
that everyone can get what they need.

Michelle is willing to come back for more privates.
She limits her lessons to 8 hrs per day.
We didn't have any problem filling her day this time,
and from talking with those that participated yesterday there
is interest in seeing her again.

Stay tuned!!

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