Sunday, June 14, 2009


(Photo by Marsha Kingsley)

Today at the Car-Dun-AL AKC Agility Trial in Belvidere, IL,
Carrie and her 3 year old Welsh Cardigan Corgi finished their MACH!!!

A few tense movements on the Standard Course where Carrie over handled the weaves a bit, but Addie Sue found them anyway!!! Carrie took care to be sure Addie hit her dog walk contact, as she'd been pushing the limits on that one. They were CLEAN!!!!

Next came JWW. What a lovely flowing, yet challenging course. Carrie said when she walked it she couldn't believe how straight forward it was and was afraid she was missing something. She Said she was going to run QUITE and not over handle. You can only here her say two words in this video. Weave and Tunnel!! Nice Job Carrie! (Of course she us this AFTER her run)!

Before her run Carrie disappeared into the corner of the ring to collect her thoughts,
visualize her course and I'm guessing ......

praying A LOT!!! G

Before MACH!

Way to go Carrie and Addie!!!

Carrie and Addie have had a FABULOUS career and will have many more MACHs to come!

Carrie, Addie and her two Judges - Laura English and Anne Riba!!

You Go GIRLS!!


  1. Hey now, I was visualizing the course!!

  2. Very exciting news. Way to go! Big congrats from the Fish clan.

  3. Awesome! Go Carrie and Addie! You guys rock! Where's the cake?!

  4. Look at them sitting on that table... is that leagal????????????? :-)