Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday - Burnsville, MN - New MXF

In Burnsville, MN this weekend for the AKC Agility trial with Rhonda Crane and Don Farage at the Soccer Blast. They had really nice courses for our running pleasure today.

Orange crew present were, Michele/Packer, Carrie/Addie and Bill and myself with Kruz, Mad and Seeker.

Michele Q'ed in JWW with Packer today with 4th place, she got 1st yesterday in JWW. It was a down on the table today and Packer DID IT!!! Not as fast as Michele would have liked, but she DID IT. Then Michele pulled her off a jump to miss a DQ!!! ALMOST!!!!!

Carrie and Addie Q'ed in JWW and 'almost' in Standard as Carrie's front cross at the end of the weaves pulled her at the #10 pull. RATS!!!

Mad nailed her weave entry in JWW, but slipped past the 3rd pole, RATS!!! She was pretty brilliant in Standard if she'd only hit that a frame contact!

Kruz Q'ed in JWW and had a bad handler in Standard. He finished his MXF (Master Excellent FAST) with Dena Brown running him!! I had a conflict in Open Standard with Seeker.

Seeker Q'ed in Open Standard for his second leg. He was very good and really NAILED his table. He almost slid off, but dug his nails in to hold on! I was very happy with that! Makes tugging on the table so worth it!! On misdirect on my part at the end, but with one off course he still Q'ed.

Our destiny to remain forever in Novice JWW continues as he dropped a bar with 3 jumps to go. Just when people started to think we had it! G He did everything else so well, so we'll see what we decide needs to be done with that when I watch the video a few more times.

Off to bed!!!


  1. Thanks for the updates. It's good to be "orange"!

  2. Great Article. All the best for the k9's. You should get in touch with the bizymoms Burnsville community to feature these on their page. It’s free and the moms will love them