Monday, June 1, 2009

Ames - Agility Trial Results

I'm sorry I don't have pictures of EVERYONE!

I obviously had more time to 'shoot' on Sunday.

You need pictures? Marsha was there!!


Packer and Michele -

One JWW Q Sun. No Standard Q's, but her best tables Ever both days.


Barb and Coz made their 'de-butt' in AKC Nov B 20" class.
He is doing GREAT with 2 Q's in JWW and a first and second place.
He was 'so close' in Standard and there were a lot of things to be very proud of!


Meme and the Weasels -

Frank - went 4/4 for the PERFECT weekend!
All first place!
Open Preferred 12"
He's the WINNER!!!

Betty - DQ on Sunday with a 3rd and 4th!
Way to go Betty!

Vinnie - learned about BUBBLES from Aunt Rilda!

"Let ME TRY!!!!"

Photo by Marsha Kingsley


Cider and Michele -

Cider and I should have been called "Rusty and Dusty" cuz that's how we ran.
We only Q'd in jww on sat. I know it was all my fault.
I got lost on JWW on Sun, and my timing was bad the other 2 runs.

Tilley and Liz -

Rilda and Rylee -

Ryelee Q'd on Sunday standard, 3rd place. Ran nice for me on Sat. but no Q's. Sophie had not seen a table in 4 or 5 years so decided not to have anything to do with it. It went downhill quickly from there. I will say that on the JWW course I got lost, not her fault (I hate saying that)! She did do her starts great so that was good too. But for me it was hanging out with everyone that made my week-end. My trials have been few and far between. It felt good. Not to mention the FOOD!!!!!

The Deer Slayer

Phoenix and Melinda -
No Q's but I was really happy with the way we ran together, especially on
Sunday. I was trying hard not to hang back and "spectate" which had become
a habit when running Jamie but to really drive him for speed instead. It
worked! OK, sometimes at the expense of doing all the jumps but oh well. I
worked hard on doing front crosses, too, a bit of a challenge for me but
the two of us are getting better.

Jeff and Bea -

Scamp and Liz -

Rocket and Sheryl -

Kena and Jill - Finished their AXJ TITLE!!!

Summit and Jill earned a Novice Standard leg on their De-butt weekend!!

Addie and Carrie -

Addie 1st JWW on Saturday and 2nd in Standard on Sunday.

Pauly and Carrie -

He had a LOT of fun!!
Some problems on Saturday, but had a LOVELY run in JWW on Sunday.

I SAW IT!! (':

Rippy and Terry -
Went 3/4 for the weekend in the 20" B class!!
They are on a ROLL with 1- first place and 2 seconds!

Katie and Jennifer -

Our only Q was in Standard on Sunday, but it was the first time in over a year that we have Q’d in standard so yippee! She ran great all weekend again and would have Q’d more if her handler would remember to balance “push” with “patience”.

Katie and Beau -

Had a fantastic weekend! He DQ’d on Saturday: the first time EVER that he has Q’d in Standard! He also finished his NJP on Saturday. I moved him up to Open Preferred on Sunday and Q’d again! He almost Q’d in Standard on Sunday, but the scary lady in the umbrella chair by the A-frame did us in. He was such a brave boy all weekend!

Beau got a new leash and Katie got a new collar for their efforts

(plus they got to split a cheeseburger on the way home).

I'm pretty sure they liked the cheeseburger BEST!!!!"


Seeker and Tammy -

Seeker finished his NA on Sunday -
He got 1st place which wasn't difficult as he was the 'sole' survivor! LOL

(Photo by Marsha Kingsley)

Happy Birthday Seeker!
He turned two on Sunday. How time flies!
Hopefully he wasn't suppose to be 're-measured'...if so,
oh well....we'll continue on in Novice Standard for awhile. G

He was good boy, he cleared the broad jump 'aka - bridge', nailed his table and held all his contacts for both Standard runs. I was a bit concerned about the winged jump before the weaves, but I did a little jig hop and apparently that helped him keep that bar up.
He was pretty funny on the table on Sunday. He really wanted to try out that teeter again!

We'll continue to work on some 'set jumps' and at keeping the bars up with speed, as I won't baby sit them. He did great in JWW from a handling stand point, doing everything I asked of him. But as Jeff pointed out, it doesn't matter how fast you are if you're bars come down.
So, we're a work in progress as he needs to be responsible for that part of the course.

Bill was a bit concerned as I told him that we would 'not' be able to go to the Hickory Park for dinner if Seeker didn't - 'hold his contacts/clear the broad jump/nail his table'. So if you heard some loud prayer and witnessed the rosary beads in his hand...that is why.
Lucky for Bill, his little dog came through for him.
I'm pretty sure I witnessed a 'heart to heart' talk between them Saturday morning.

Mad and Kruz could have both used a 'new' handler this weekend as I wasn't much help to either of them. But I promise to be better in 2 weeks!! Mad got her weave poles every time which is quite an accomplishment for her! She got 4th in JWW on Sunday and tried to 'take out the judge' at the knees on Saturday. I'm not sure which of them was more surprised?


  1. Great pics and congrats to all!

    Seeker was HYSTERICAL giving the teeter the hairy eyeball. He was pretty sure he needed to go back and do that again! And again . . .


  2. Great to see all the pics and results. It was hard to watch everyone and I know I missed a lot of runs. I'm glad Seeker got his job done so Bill could eat at Hickory Park. No pressure there. Nice job EVERYONE!

  3. What an AWESOME weekend for everyone! Great weather, great friends and a really good time!!