Sunday, April 14, 2013

MACH Happy Go Lucky Ryelee CD 3/2/99-4/10/13

(Rilda and Ryelee at the AKC Nationals in Ohio, 2007)

A Message from Liz, who was kind enough to welcome him into her home after Rilda was diagnosed with lung cancer in July.  Thank you Liz for giving him a great 6 months, and giving Rilda peace of mind knowing that Ryelee would have a 'forever' home. 

Dear Friends,
I just want to let you know that I said good bye to Ryelee yesterday. Ryelee was diagnosed with lymphoma 2 weeks ago.  Although the prednisone therapy helped in some aspects of his life, the treatment did not achieve the hoped for results.  After discussion with Dr. Mulch, we decided it would be best for Ryelee to be with Rilda.
I had the privilege of taking care of Ryelee for about 6 months.  While he was with me, he enjoyed walks at the farm, around Clarence and the conservation park.  The rabbits in my yard were just lucky that Ryelee was an old dog because he knew they were there.  He also enjoyed tormenting Scamp at the back door.
My favorite Ryelee story was when Rilda was working on his CD.  The stand for exam is tough when you have a dog that does not particularly like humans.  I told Rilda the way to help this was to teach Ryelee to give kisses.  Much to Rilda’s horror, I taught Ryelee to give me a kiss.  I don’t know if this actually helped get the CD but Ryelee could still give me a kiss when prompted to the very end.  The most fun part of this was watching Rilda’s face when he would give me a kiss!
Thank you to all of you who have helped me take care of Ryelee the past 6 months.  
Liz (thanks for the kisses!)
Scamp (Couldn’t really hear him barking at me anyway!)
Tilly (Could not get him to play with me but I really tried.  I even grabbed his leash and took him for a walk!)