Monday, September 26, 2011

Between the Legs - A new Move!

There are times on the agility course that things don't go as planned.  
When those things happen, you go to Plan "B". 
This was NOT Plan "B"!

In fact, I can't imagine it's in anyone's
alphabet of game plans!

Poor Seeker, 
See the 'finger' on my left hand?
That's where you are 
suppose to be!

Alas, we survived that collision, 
but went on to mess up the relatively
simple 'tunnel/dog walk' discrimination. 

Luckily, I have great balance,
Seeker has a hard head, 
and the only injury was a small bruise. 

Ego's NOT included!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What Does The Future Hold?

Do you ever think back to the ‘good ole days’ of agility? 
Remember when:
  • Most trials were outside, so your agility season ran from April to October.
  • AKC allowed both an 8’ or 12’ teeter.
  • We had to roll out mats at the armory, and unload the trailer before practicing.
  • Reloading the trailer and rolling mats back up after practice!
  • 2 on/off contacts were the ‘in thing’.
  • Weaving on the right was AMAZING!
  • There was ‘no such thing’ as a Blind Cross.
  • No one owned their own contact pieces.
  • You had to travel at least 4 hours to the nearest AKC Agility Event.
  • Classes were once a week.
  • Seminars once a year, maybe!
  • WOW!  You have a computer! You were SOMETHING!
  • The majority of trials are indoors, on soccer turf.
  • The 8’ dog walk is obsolete.
  • Few people would think of running, or training on mats.
  • Unload a Trailer once a week?  NO WAY!
  • True Running (Full Extension) Contacts are in! 
  • Weave poles are 'just another obstacle'.
  • Blinds aren’t ‘totally’ in, but they will be. (Prediction here)
  • Most people own at least one piece of contact equipment.
  • Trials are getting closer.
  • Classes can be found on multiple nights.
  • On line classes are now available.
  • Seminars are offered all over. 
  • Internet is on your phone.

It’s just amazing how things have evolved, and continue to do so. 
Do you ever wonder if you might be able to ‘trial’ in your ‘own back yard’. 

Maybe someone sends you a course to set (depending on your yard size),
You simply send in a clip of your dog running it, and someone ‘judges’ you.
I guess we’ll have to wait and see…………it’s a crazy changing world we live it.
Who would have thought you’d ever be able to type a message into a phone?
Even more unbelievable, Molly, 
our Bichon would be 20 years old this week!
Time sure flies!

  (My first Agility Dog)
I guess this is all HER fault!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kids and Agility

Kids are the future of Agility!
How many times have your heard that?

It's actually true. 

If a kid shows some interest, 
I'm going to take advantage of it!

Agility is not an inexpensive 'sport'.  
Parents that are willing to invest in 
classes, and entry fees should be commended!

What a great way to teach a child responsibility, 
patience and sportsmanship.

They also get exposed to some 
pretty incredibly adults!

Dick and Nancy's great niece was visiting 
this summer from Colorado. 
They asked if I'd be willing to 
let her work on the agility equipment a bit. 
Maryn had been practicing with Finney
a few times a day.


Maryn is 6 years old. 
What a great age to get started!

We had a great time!
First playing with Finney, then 
with Seeker.  

One of the funniest events was the 
'Seeker Set Up'. 
He sets up between my legs. 
My legs are a bit longer than
a 6 year olds. 
Seeker is about 20" tall, and
well, Maryn might as well have been
riding a pony. 
It made me laugh. 

Maryn wanted to RUN!
It was so cute!
It was all about the speed!
Hum, maybe 'us' adults could 
learn something from her?

Look out CO!
You might have a budding 
agility handler in your area.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Confessions of a Dog Owner.......

It's true....
Our dogs like to lick the beaters, 
the bowls, 
and yes, even the spoons. 

They use to get the spatula, 
but after a couple broke in half, 
those are not off limits.

I just got done baking a several dozen cookies
for this weekends Tracy Skelnar Agility Seminar. 
Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Crispies, 
Melinda's Sugar Cookies....and maybe I'll 
get some 'Fish Fudge' made up for the dogs?

I'm sure some people would be 
offended by the 'dog cleaning services'. 
I know my Grandmother would have stroked!

Reminds me of a story......many years ago, 
I made a cake for my Grandmother's birthday. 
Rocky, my first Portuguese Water Dog 
thought he's help himself to some of the batter.
It was sitting on the kitchen table, 
and I had turned my back to get the pan.
(Not a Border Collie!!)
Our BCs would NEVER do that!  

I did hesitate, just a second.....
should I bake it? 
Or toss it?
Oh, she'll NEVER KNOW!
Yep, I baked it!

The way I look at it, 
it's no different that letting your
human kids lick the beaters!
You never know where their 
hands or mouth have been either!

Happy Baking!

If you're free this weekend, 
come out to Western Iowa for an
AWESOME Seminar!

The Seminar is great, 
the food to DIE FOR!!
Note to self - Pack expandable pants!

I think there might be a few spots open!