Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kids and Agility

Kids are the future of Agility!
How many times have your heard that?

It's actually true. 

If a kid shows some interest, 
I'm going to take advantage of it!

Agility is not an inexpensive 'sport'.  
Parents that are willing to invest in 
classes, and entry fees should be commended!

What a great way to teach a child responsibility, 
patience and sportsmanship.

They also get exposed to some 
pretty incredibly adults!

Dick and Nancy's great niece was visiting 
this summer from Colorado. 
They asked if I'd be willing to 
let her work on the agility equipment a bit. 
Maryn had been practicing with Finney
a few times a day.


Maryn is 6 years old. 
What a great age to get started!

We had a great time!
First playing with Finney, then 
with Seeker.  

One of the funniest events was the 
'Seeker Set Up'. 
He sets up between my legs. 
My legs are a bit longer than
a 6 year olds. 
Seeker is about 20" tall, and
well, Maryn might as well have been
riding a pony. 
It made me laugh. 

Maryn wanted to RUN!
It was so cute!
It was all about the speed!
Hum, maybe 'us' adults could 
learn something from her?

Look out CO!
You might have a budding 
agility handler in your area.


  1. That is awesome. Thanks for sharing. Maryn is great, but I think Seeker gets a prize for patience, common sense and being a really good sport!!

  2. That was so awesome. Nike also got to meet Maryn that night. She was so cute.

  3. LOL - that was fantastic! Love the set up. We need to get Maryn some longer legs or a shorter dog!! :-)

  4. Adorable! Seeker the Horse ran his handlers "brace" very well. Good Boy!