Monday, September 26, 2011

Between the Legs - A new Move!

There are times on the agility course that things don't go as planned.  
When those things happen, you go to Plan "B". 
This was NOT Plan "B"!

In fact, I can't imagine it's in anyone's
alphabet of game plans!

Poor Seeker, 
See the 'finger' on my left hand?
That's where you are 
suppose to be!

Alas, we survived that collision, 
but went on to mess up the relatively
simple 'tunnel/dog walk' discrimination. 

Luckily, I have great balance,
Seeker has a hard head, 
and the only injury was a small bruise. 

Ego's NOT included!!


  1. OMG - when you slow it down it really does look much worse than it was. Will this move have a name????? Glad everyone was fine.

  2. omg! he ricocheted off one leg against the other!!

  3. Good boy Seeker for being persistent and getting to that tunnel! A lot of dogs would have given up!

  4. MUST . . . GO . . . IN . . . TUNNEL!