Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Confessions of a Dog Owner.......

It's true....
Our dogs like to lick the beaters, 
the bowls, 
and yes, even the spoons. 

They use to get the spatula, 
but after a couple broke in half, 
those are not off limits.

I just got done baking a several dozen cookies
for this weekends Tracy Skelnar Agility Seminar. 
Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Crispies, 
Melinda's Sugar Cookies....and maybe I'll 
get some 'Fish Fudge' made up for the dogs?

I'm sure some people would be 
offended by the 'dog cleaning services'. 
I know my Grandmother would have stroked!

Reminds me of a story......many years ago, 
I made a cake for my Grandmother's birthday. 
Rocky, my first Portuguese Water Dog 
thought he's help himself to some of the batter.
It was sitting on the kitchen table, 
and I had turned my back to get the pan.
(Not a Border Collie!!)
Our BCs would NEVER do that!  

I did hesitate, just a second.....
should I bake it? 
Or toss it?
Oh, she'll NEVER KNOW!
Yep, I baked it!

The way I look at it, 
it's no different that letting your
human kids lick the beaters!
You never know where their 
hands or mouth have been either!

Happy Baking!

If you're free this weekend, 
come out to Western Iowa for an
AWESOME Seminar!

The Seminar is great, 
the food to DIE FOR!!
Note to self - Pack expandable pants!

I think there might be a few spots open!


  1. What happens in the kitchen, stays in the kitchen!

    I will never forget the pork chop incident with Jamie. It cooked up just fine and the Farmer never knew the difference.

  2. Sure wish I could attend that seminar! Off to Milwaukee this weekend to see my daughter. Maybe you will share some stuff the following weekend?

  3. I know my brothers would stroke - so I just don't tell them. Sophie and Ryelee always got the beaters. I'm sure Nike will too. Sounds like a fun time. Behave! (like that's gonna happen).