Monday, November 29, 2010

Putting it all into Perspective!

We were in Lake St. Louis, MO over the weekend for 
the annual 3 day AKC Agility Trial.  

There were 2 great judges, 6 fantastic courses, 
and lots of agility friends, both human and canine. 

Dog people are 'funny'.  If you've ever watched 
the movie, "Best In Show", you get the general idea. 
Although that movie might be a bit extreme, 
it's not all  that far off either. 

We spend more time with our dogs, 
than most people do with their children.
We adore our dogs. 

When one of our dog friends pass away, 
we all mourn them.  

Our dogs in a sense, belong to everyone. 
We might have come up through the classes together, 
stood in line together, or
participated in National Events together. 
Handlers have walked courses together, 
provided strategy ideas, both good and bad.
We have watched each other run, numerous times.
Congratulated, consoled, eaten cake, and signed 'bars'. 

So, when one of our 'kids' are lost suddenly, 
it's both shocking and sad. 
It brings us together too. 

On Saturday, 11/27/10, Craig Josling lost
his 9 year old Keeshond, MACH4 Ben XF suddenly.  
Our hearts go out to him.  What a terrible loss. 
I've heard that Hemangiosarcoma is suspected. 

If you don't know much about Hemangio, 
I would suggest you do some research. 
This silent killer has struck many of our dogs, 
many, like Ben, were competing at agility trials. 

If you're looking to make some donations 
this year, might I suggest some canine health organizations.

This one happens to be my choice, 
but there are others.

I know it's been said, many times.
We pay the entry fees, drive the hundreds of miles, 
use our vacation time, stay at hotels, 
or sleep in our vans to attend trials.

Our dogs go, because we take them. 
They would be just as happy to stay home, go for a walk, 
play with a ball, or chase a jet stream of water from the hose. 

There are going to be times when your
agility runs don't go according to plan. 
There are going to be times when you aren't
sure you're 'team' is running the same course, 
are in the same ring, or even on the same Planet!

Regardless, if you get to take your partner home, 
healthy and happy, that's all that really matters.

There are many of us that have not been that lucky.

Hug your dogs, and go get them a cookie....
Just because you can!!  


  1. Well said! Seeing Nina makes me smile because she's smiling!

  2. What a wonderful job of writing what many of us need to hear. Punkin's mom, Win, was Bob's Master Hunter...Timberlane's Winterglo MH. She presented with hemangio in her 7th summer, a few months after her only pups were born. Her death at an early age devasted Bob, her partner, my husband. I see her eyes in Punkin's face and remember what a gallant girl she was and how we lost her too soon. We never know what the next day brings.

  3. So true. Going to get a cookie now - and it's not for me. And he'll probably get an extra hug or two. Thanks.

  4. One year at boxer nationals shortly after the fabulous teams did obedience some friends lost their girl minutes after the performance. It was so sad and all could do was hug my little nqing Ninya and thank here for just being there with me. Very sobering.

  5. That was lovely. It is one of many terrible diseases I wish didn't exist.