Monday, November 15, 2010

Fun New Move in Lake St. Louis!

The TAC Agility Club was offering the "Time to Beat" class as practice on Saturday afternoon.   We were done early, and had no where else to go, the hotel check in wasn't until 2 PM. and since we'd been up since 1:30 AM, what the heck!  I was hoping for 2 A-Frames to practice on, apparently Seeker was hoping for 2 Teeters.  HE WON!!!

Wendie showed me this awesome move to use on this course.  You were to use the 'OLE'" or 'true collection arm' over jump #3, then a 'backie uppie', with a blind cross over #4.  Talk about SWEET!!!  Dervish and Wendi were 'SPOT ON' with their attempt.  Seeker and I weren't too far behind and we'd never attempted it before!  It was really fun!!

Here's our footage.  I wish I would have gotten footage of the other dogs and handlers so you could compare.  I also wish I had the course map!  SORRY!!  They only had 2 posted on the wall, on Sunday morning they were gone.  It was a BLAST!!


  1. Cool! I especially like the "backie uppie" part of the description. Very technical.

  2. For those of us who only have a "going front" on a good day - "backie uppie" may not be in our near future! Very cool. Thanks for sharing and it was nice to see Wendie even it was only on film.

  3. Wasn't that the coolest move ever!!!! I first saw/used this in a Silas Boogk seminar hosted by ABCTC! What a rush! You guys looked awesome!

    Elisabeth Lonergan
    and the Boxer crew