Sunday, November 21, 2010

The DAM Team was on FIRE!!

Nothing could stop those "Three Sheep to the Wind" on Friday,
at the Lawrence, KS USDAA trail.  

It was the Dog Agility Master's Team event,
in which three dog teams compete for
Gold, Silver and Bronze metals.

They are also competing for a Qualifying score,
which will allow them to run in the DAM Team competition at the Nationals in the Fall 2011.

Teammates Rio (Black Dog), Shiver (Go Dog),
and Seeker (Brother Dog),
teamed up once more.
They were flawless, in Gamblers, Snooker, Jumpers,
Standard and Relay. 
(okay....almost Flawless in Relay, but they got 1st anyway!)

Overall, the "Three Sheeps" ended up:

With the GOLD!
(I don't think it's really gold)

 #1 - 26" dog overall - Seeker
  #1 - 22" dog overall - Rio
#2 - 22" dog overall - Shiver

It was a great day!


  1. NICE!!! That had to be fun. Someday I want to see this venue.

  2. Huge congratulations to you and Seeker, Carol and Rio, and Shenna and Shiver. They are all still so young, too. Lots more excitement in their future.