Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fall Trick Class 2011

We had our First Trick Class this Fall. 
I had a lot of fun, and I think the participants did as well. 

Tricks are a great way for .....

 Your dog to learn to learn.
The handler to learn how the dog learns.
To build a Relationship with your dog.
To learn balance skills/body awareness.
Warming up for performance events.

One interesting observation during class was that people tended to migrate to the same 'work station', or location in the room each night.  On 'Graduation' night, they had to come up on front to 'show off'.  Just moving the dog from the 'safety' of their normal work area, along with the handler's nerves of being in front of a group, was enough to impact some dogs performance.  Lesson Learned!  Next time we'll be rotating work stations every class!  This might be something you want to think about in your own training.  
Do you have a 'favorite' spot?
Get out of your 'comfort zone'.
Even at you train in the same room?
Try moving around the house!

Below is a movie of just 
'some' of the tricks we touched on!
WELL DONE Class!!!


  1. thanks thats given me a few more ideas!

  2. Great job all of you. That looks like so much fun. I'm going to go get Nike and my clicker now.

  3. Definitely gave me more ideas for tricks class !!