Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Back On Track - Coat!!

I finally got one!
After a long time....pondering...do I really need to spend
'that kind of money' on a coat for Seeker, 

I did it. 

I purchased a "BOT" coat.

I figured as much money as we spend on entry fees, and traveling, 
the coat was a steal!  Especially if it will help prevent injuries!

(Below is Kruz modeling!)

 The coat is suppose to reflect heat, help to ease inflammation, 
reduce muscle pain, and increase blood circulation.

Although it's really 'Seeker's' coat, I'll try it on Kruz too, 
as he tends to have a sore spot on his back. 

 For Seeker, I'll use it to warm him up and cool him down.  I'm always sure to do a nice warm
up and cool down, but if this helps just a little bit more, it will be well worth it!

It sports some reflective patches, notice the glare!
Very pretty!!

There's a zipper for the dog's tail to come through, or for dog's without tails, there are elastic rear leg straps. 

The only thing I don't like about the design is the quick snap lock over the back. It seems to me that this might put pressure on the spine if the dog was laying down in it. I'll probably end up making my own adjustment and switching that to Velcro.

I found the sizing a bit challenging as well.  Thank you Nancy for the size advice!!  I would have gotten a size larger and I sure didn't need it!  If you know someone with the coat, you might want to ask for advice prior to ordering.  

Kruz isn't 'sold' on it yet. He can't seem to lay down in it,
but at least he's moving. 
When I first put it one, he didn't think he could move!  G

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