Monday, January 2, 2012

No Resolutions - DAM Team - Qualifier-12/30/2011

After a few last minute changes, 
which resulted in moving Seeker to 22"
for the weekend our team ended up being:

No Resolutions

16" Kai - Border Staff & Laura Slusher
22" Bomber - Australian Cattle Dog & Angie Fink
22" Seeker - Border Collie & Tammy Etscheidt 
(Qualified in 6th place)

DAM TEAM = Dog Agility Masters = 
three-dog teams that compete in five classes of competition - 
Standard Agility, Snooker Agility, Jumpers, Gamblers Choice
and Three-dog Team Relay.

Just to make it interesting, the rules are 
a bit different than the 'regular' gamblers 
and snookers rules.  Jumpers also 
includes weave poles on DAM Team day. 

A qualifying score shall be awarded to competitors 
who compete in all five classes and whose team scores are 850 points or more, 
or within 25% of the average of the total points earned by the
top three teams after the fifth and final class, whichever is greater.
(I obviously just wait for the results to be posted!)

Here are the Friday's Courses!
(Double Click on them to make them larger)

(Gamblers - with 2 closing options)

(Seeker and I completed 2 - 7's and a 5 to the 
closing, he was perfect!!)


(Seeker won the class)

Team Relay
(Bomber, Kai, and Seeker as anchor)
What a great time!
Looking forward to another
Team Event in February!!

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