Monday, January 9, 2012

On Line Courses - Are They Right for You?

As technology evolves, so does the way in which we can 
take classes, seminars, or even private lessons. 

On line courses are becoming more common place, 
yes, even in the area of dog training. 
Who would have thought?

As with everything else, it started slowly, 
but now it seems like almost everyone is offering them.

Are They Right for You? 

There are of course, pros to taking classes on line. 
*  Save travel time.
*  Save money on gas.
*  A wide variety of instructor choices. 
*  A wide variety of subjects.
*  Some are 'study' at your own time.

On the flip side, there are cons to on line classes. 

* Getting lost in the crowd. 
*  Getting the personal feedback as you need.
*  Not understanding the concepts of the exercise.
*  Poor technological equipment (on either side of the computer)
*  The need to video tape your training sessions. 
*  Social aspect, visiting with your friends.
*  The ability to communicate in written form, expressing
not only your needs, but understanding what is being written.

I'm sure there are MANY more pros/cons.

I have taken on-line courses, a seminar, and 
some private lessons on line. 

Most I've thoroughly enjoyed.
How about you?  Pros/Cons??


  1. Ive done one on line course and was very poor about being able to keep up. It was one of those everyday you have to do something. Then I kept getting further and further behind and gave up. I recently signed up for a running contacts course. This gives you what you are to work on and three weeks to get it done. Im hoping I do a much better keeping up.

  2. prefer real life but my trainer is 3.5 hours away, so expensive to get there and back for an hours lesson! so on line with her is great, I have done her RC course and experienced exercise one, as my instructor knows me in real life I feel she gives me enough feed back that on line is great too...