Sunday, January 8, 2012

9 Month Old Nettle

Yesterday we finally got around to taking
our 'X-mas' picture. 

Okay, so it's January and I'm 
a little behind! G

You might not realize how difficult
it is to take a picture of a 'white' dog, 
and a black dog, together. 
Trust me, it's a challenge!

Luckily PhotoShop E allowed 
me to lighten up Nettle a bit. 

I'm going to guess that she's done
growing now?  
I haven't measured her in quite awhile, 
but guessing she's about 19.5". 
She can keep growing, as long
as she stays under 21" for USDAA. 
At this point, I'd say we're safe. 

We're continuing to work on recalls, 
they are better, but might be something
we struggle with for awhile. 

We've work a few obstacles (agility), 
but not a lot. She knows what to 
do with the 'running dogwalk', which
is still carpet.  I'll have to get her
on a plank soon I suppose. 

Continuing our trick training. 
Our newest challenge is for her to 
jump on the bottom of my shoes, 
while I'm laying on my back with 
feet in the air.  Not sure this is 
wise??  But we're having fun playing
with the idea anyway. 

She's the opposite of Seeker when 
it comes to moving obstacles. 
She could care less. 

Our retrieves are coming along. 
Just started working our float line. 
Alas, I won't be able to trial her in
water this year, as I've water judging
assignments the weekends of MN/IL
water trials.  Poor planning on my
part I guess, next year will be fine. 


  1. Yay!!! And Kruzzy even has his ears up for the picture!!

  2. Great pic - everyone looks happy!