Saturday, January 14, 2012

Spam-O-Lious Party!

Yes, we had a Spam-O-Lious Party!

I debated on putting this on the agility blog, but since the party did actually result from a conversation at an agility trial, I thought it fit the necessary requirements.  It's amazing the things you talk about while you're waiting for your class to begin.  There are times you have several hours of down time, and with our group, NOTHING is off limits.  

At the DMOTC Trial in October, the discussion somehow turned to SPAM.  No, not the e-mail variety...but the 'food' variety.  (If you can call SPAM food that is)  I believe Marsha's parents, Linda and Harry, started it.  Then Liz jumped in and pretty soon we were talking about having a SPAM party.  

I can honestly say I'd never eaten SPAM before last night, nor do I ever plan on eating it again.  The joke last night was that we were eating a product we would NEVER consider feeding to our dogs.  

But I digress!

It's amazing how many SPAM Recipes are available, and the group did not disappoint.  
I tried to get pictures of most of the items.....some Non-SPAM foods as well, before the vultures (that would be us humans) swooped in for the 'kill'. 

Missing is Rilda's SPAM dip, which didn't sound like it had much SPAM in it, 
but was still able to have that classic pink SPAM color.! 

Also, Meg's beans and SPAM!!
Very YUMMY!!

(SPAM Pizza!  Totally eatable!) 

(SPAM Quiche - not bad! Ham next time!)

(Impostor Cheese-chiladas in foil)
Sauce was a GOOD thing for SPAM!

 (SPAM bacon wraps)
Tasted like BACON!
(AKA - SPAM on a stick!)

 Liz's favorite - Fried SPAM!!

SPAM Puffs
The recipe claimed they won her
first place in a SPAM cook off.
Very Scary!!


The 'non SPAM' table

The Fruit Kabobs were AWESOME!

A loaded PLATE!!
It all looks good enough to eat!

If you're every in a SPAM bake off, 
I've listed the recipe above.......
Here are the ingredients needed.

SPAM shreds very easily!!

Add cheese and baking mix. 

 Bake for 12-15 minutes at 350.
They look ALMOST the same going in the oven,
as coming out.  I found that a little disturbing!


More SPAM-O-Lious Fun coming on 1/19/2012!!


  1. It was a lot of fun. I actually liked most everything but probably have enough spam to last me another 10-20 years. What's our next theme???

  2. It was a culinary adventure! Very glad Meg got to celebrate with us. Hurray for Spam and birthday cake! And I still have 2/3 a gallon of ice cream in our freezer.