Monday, January 30, 2012

Agility Trial Homework

I don't know about you, but I always come home with agility homework.  
This weekend we were presented with fun courses,
by Lisa Potts and Terry Smorch. 

 Seeker's struggle last weekend was with bars.
'Seeker - One Jump', rides again!!
3 bars in 3 days is totally unheard of for Seek. 

Bars were an issue 24 months ago, 
but after some 'core' work he was much better.  
I changed my training on dropped bars, going from 
asking him to 'down' while I re-set the bar, to rewarding him
for keeping them up.  The combination seemed to work wonders. 
His bar dropping disappeared! 

Unfortunately, this weekend, it was back with a vengeance!

So, I know this is the homework I'll be focusing on
for the next couple weeks.  

It also leaves me scratching my head and wondering....why?
I'm not handling him any differently than I do any other time.  
I'm responsible for showing Seeker the jump, 
then it's his responsibly to clear it.
I do not have to spectate and 'hand hold' while
he's jumping, if I do that, I'm not able to provide him with
the information he needs, later in the course.


Could it be that I ran him at 22" in USDAA a 
few weeks ago?  Seriously, could one trial cause this?

Could he really be that out of shape?
Probably not.....
Could it be the turf/footing?  
I don't know??
The interesting link is that all 3 jumps were
at the same end of the ring, where the turf is laying flat. 
Could he be slipping on the take off?
Would tacky paw help?
Bars dropped.....
Friday = Jump #5
Saturday = #11
Sunday = #15

I have a couple USDAA trials coming up soon, 
and we'll be running on dirt.  
Then I'm back to this site again the end of next month. 
I'll see how it goes. 

I hate to not go to a trial where I can come home at night.
Plus I get to see all my friend run....but, it's not worth it if
we're going to drop bars due to surface.  
I'd drive the same amount of miles heading to other trials, 
that I know have much better surfaces. 

I guess, time.....will tell. 


  1. I was looking to see what they each have in common. You noticed
    that they were on the back side of the course. Each are also acceleration points for you. Is his turn into acceleration blowing his mind? Are you supporting that jump before you blast off or is that blast off too early and he's trying to course correct in the air? Just the thoughts I had as I looked at the course map.

  2. Yep, it's almost the same set up in each, which is why it's on my homework list. I've done this dozens of times before, but not with 3 bar drops. The Sunday #15 was actually handled with a front cross close to #16, so more support there. I'll watch my tapes again and see if I see any thing else. Thanks for your input!! How's Treo's tugging coming??