Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's all about the TOKENS!!

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE TOKENS given at trails. 
Ribbons are nice, but let’s face it, 
what do you do with them after awhile.
Last weekend Seeker got a Super Q in Snooker.  
That alone is great…but then we got this cool BOOK MARKER!!! 
It was totally awesome!

Okay..so now I have to get a book, 
I've been reading on my nook for almost a year now. 
I'm on the library 'book' waiting list
 for 11/22/63....(1963), it might be
11/22/2063 before I get it!
My strategy for Saturday’s snooker was to complete 4 reds 
you have a choice of 3 or 4 reds) reds are worth one point.  
So, the plan was, red to 5 combo, red to 7 (aframe), red to 6 combo, 
red to 6 combo, then the closing (2-7).  
(If I can find the course I'll post it...UGH!!) 
We made it through successfully under time for a total of 55 pts, 
second place and a SQ! 



  1. That is so awesome!!! Love the book marker - way better than a ribbon!!

  2. The token is cool. Great idea. Didn't understand much of the rest of what you said (lol) except for the 2nd place reference. Good job you and of course Seeker!

  3. That's awesome! NONE of the trials here (NJ/East coast) have given out tokens. What a cool idea?