Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend Results - From the Agile Reporter!!

You know, when you ALL get together - you GOT to get a picture!!

The Family of BORDER COLLIES!!!!

You're going to need a score card!!!

Left to Right - Seeker - 2, Kruz - 11 yrs (Seeker's Uncle), Scorch - 2 (Seeker's Brother),
Stormi - 9 (Seeker's Mom and Kruz's Sister), Sunni - 1 (Seeker's Niece),
Down in Front - Breezy - 11 (Kruz's Sister - Seeker's Aunt)

By - Rilda Sue (aka - Agile Reporter)

Since I am home this week-end, not in Burnsville, to the North), or Glen Carbon, to the South, I was appointed the AgileReporter for both groups. I was also reminded to report "tastefully". I'm not quite sure who she thinks she is talking to but will try to keep any crude remarks to myself. As far as being tasteful, I'm sure there is a lot of "tasting" going on. It's an Agility Week-end afterall.
Day 1 - Glen Carbon: - Was a fun day but with nice runs but not many Q's. Sheryl and Jet Q'd in Open JWW and Terry and Rippy Q'd in Standards.
Day 2 - Just got a call and as I suspected, "Orange Crew South" was at a Mexican Restaurant tasting the Margs. I'm guessing that they had supper with that. It seemed like a much better day. Michele and Cider Double Q'd; Jeff and Bea Q'd in Standards; Petra was clean but over time (good little girl); Sid Q'd in Open JWW; Terry said the courses were fast and dropped bars; Sheryl is working on attitude and better jumping with Jet and I'm sorry but I didn't get Rocket's stats written down; Melinda is happy with how Phoenix is working for her. Mentioned something about a bad handler. One bit of excitement with Melinda and Phoenix is that he took down the panel jump - not just a panel but the WHOLE THING!!! What a good boy.

Day 3 - Terry DQ!!! Hooray. Michele Q'd in JWW and had an off course in standards. Paula and Petra were clean again but 1 second over time. Tracy Q'd in JWW today and in Open yesterday (I think - this reporter's notes are all running together). Melinda and Phoenix are working better each run as a team. The Q's will come. Run Melinda, RUN!!! I believe Jeff and Bea were just one thing off on each course.

Day 4 -Michele DQ'd again. Jeff and Terry each Q'd in standards. Melinda has fantastic JWW run with Phoenix and they learned a lot this week-end. Tracy got 2 titles on Sid and Petra got the RIPS!!!
This reporter got a little tired and mixed up probably on some things so you can put it out there and ask for corrections from the respective parties.

Burnsville Results

Carrie and Addie DQed on Saturday!! Huge DQ RIBBONS!! Not sure we have room to bring it home!! Kruz Q'ed in Stnd, Mad in JWW and Seeker in Open JWW. We played the up and coming RAD (Yes, that's right...named after Rilda's brother!!!) - aka - Run and Down, as a fun match on Saturday afternoon to help AKC build stats. It's similar to USDAA's steeple chase, which consists of an A Frame, jumps, weaves and tunnels. We had a good time!! Addie brought home some colored ribbons to go along with her DQ!

Dena came down to play RAD, go out for breakfast at Perkins and visit. It was great seeing her and Seeker's brother, Scorch run!! Not to mention his mom and aunt.

Sunday, just a few Q's, more color for Addie and the dogs did very well. I brought home a LOT of 'Home Work' for Seeker!! I should probably write it all down before I forget. We got a free TOY from some gals from Blue Earth, MN!! How nice was that!! Well, actually, I got the free toy first....then Carrie was whining so loud that she got one too. UGH!! VBG

Clean or not.......It's always a great day went you get to RUN YOUR DOGS!!!!!

Seeker's Open JWW run - Saturday 7/25/09


  1. What a nice run. Good dog Seeker. The Agile Reorter also had no video from the South group. I know there was lots taken. Sounds like everyone had a great time. Well done Orange!!!

  2. Dear Agile Reporter, hasn't anyone told you this is a really bad time to be in the news business? Hope you have a secure position and are being paid well. You're doing a great job! It will be even more fun when you can report LIVE!

    Go Team Orange!

  3. I LOVE having an agile reporter!!!!!!! Good job Rilda Sue!!!!!!