Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lake Elmo - USDAA

we spent the weekend in lake elmo, mn at a usdaa trial. the weather couldn't have been nicer! what are the chances of 3 great days in a row?

Seeker is a different dog at 22" jump heights, so going forward we'll be jumping 26. he picked up a few master legs and his team got another Qualifier for nationals. we also picked up 2 LA Legs. those are from team day and are life time achievement awards. you think 3, 10 or 20 legs are a lot.....try 500!!! LOL

Our Team is "three sheeps to the wind", there were some really cute ones. probably my favorite was a team made up of dogs named - Danger , party and crackers = Crack Parties Are Dangerous.

have a great day!! and hug your dog!

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