Monday, September 20, 2010

Omaha - AKC Agility

We had a great weekend in Omaha!  
There really is a dog in that crate somewhere!  

Seeker and Kruz ran great all weekend. I was very proud of them both.
I even got to run Addie on Saturday, as Carrie had other obligations.  She did GREAT!  Even though we dropped a bar in JWW, she was perfect in Standard, and came away with a 1st place and 42 MACH pts to boot.  WAY TO GO ADDIE!!  She was a lot of fun to run, and I ran her exactly the same as I ran Seeker.  Her run is on the video below.  We didn't get her Standard 'flipped', but it was awesome!  You'll just have to take my word for it.

The course on Sunday, Seeker's second run on the video, was completed with all rear crosses.  Okay, there was one front cross at the end of the weaves.  I personally do not do many rear crosses.  They just don't seem to give the dog a lot of information in regards to where they are going.  If you compare that run, to his runs with front crosses, I think you'll agree that the front cross turns are tighter. We work on jumping into me on a rotation, so that on a run, it's no big deal.  That really seems to be paying off.

As always, I come away with some homework.  Seeker jumps 26" and he's just over 20" tall.  He suffers from 'hang time'.  This might be great for a NBA player and slam dunks, it's not advantageous for an agility dog however.  You have speed when your 4 feet are on the ground, not in the air.  So, we'll be working on some exercises to get him back to the ground quicker, while still keeping the bars up.  

His running A-Frame is still a work in progress.  He finally came off without me asking him to Sunday, too bad he wasn't in the yellow.  It's coming, and I realize I'll need to give up some yellow in order to get what I'm looking for.  It's probably not the best time to be working on something new, with all the Fall shows, but we'll work through it.  I won't ask for 2 on/2 off on the A-Frame, and he can do what he's comfortable with.  Qs are not important right now.  It's all a learning process and we're having a great time along the way. 

Speaking of Q's! 
Wow, everyone did a great job!!!  
Frank, Coz and Kruz all came away with 2 DQs!  
Rippy got one as well.  
Addie got a couple Qs and big points!
Seeker got 3 more qualifying JWW runs for World Team Tryouts. 
Congrats to all!!!!!

The weather could have been a bit nicer, although, it could have been worse too! Friday was my kind of weather!  Warm, maybe 80 and sunny!  Meme appreciated it for her pictures!  I can't wait to see what she comes up with.

Camping was good. We did end up with a bit of a storm on Friday night (Saturday morning), but it didn't last long was was gone for the most part on Saturday.  We did end up with a bit of a lightening delay on Saturday, but only for 30 minutes or so.  Sunday was rather cold, drizzly and not much fun weather wise.  If you were under enough coats and blankets, you were fine.  I think it would have been fine without the mist.  No pictures on Sunday!!  

That being said, I must admit that I LOVE outside trials.  
Something about getting out on the grass, in the fresh air with plenty of space.  
It's just GREAT!!  

My understanding is that this might be the last trial at this site.  It sounds like they may have secured a horse area for their upcoming trials.  That fine, I love running on dirt too!  I will miss the trips to the Humane Society (they have an AWESOME ONE!), and of course Taco Bell for lunch! 

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