Monday, November 28, 2011

I can't believe I just did that!! UGH!!

It's okay I'll regroup, 
it'll be fine! 

 I've just started working Nettle on her running contacts.  Okay, maybe I should clarify here, she's running across a carpet on the ground, not a real contact.   So, the first time out, she was awesome!  Ran after her toy, brought it back, played some tug.  Totally BRILLIANT!!!!

So, day two, Bill, Seeker, Nettle and I all go out to the building to practice.  I work Seeker for a couple minutes while Nettle is going nuts watching.  Bill is holding Nettle on her harness.  I'm done with Seeker, and go to play with Nettle.  We repeat what we did the day before.  She runs down her carpet, grabs her toy and does VICTORY LAPS!!!  UGH!!!  So, game over we go inside.  

Day three, same group goes out.  I repeat from the day before and guess what!  Nettle RUNS AGAIN!  Like, seriously....why did I NOT think that was going to happen again?  She adores Seeker, they love to play, and guess what she's doing during her laps?  Running by Seeker with a toy flaunting it!!  Some days I'm such an idiot!  But that's okay!  I can learn from my mistakes!!  LOL

Day four - I take Nettle out alone!  See, I'm getting smarter!! 
We do a couple sets of 'digging' around an upright.

Okay, now let's go run on the carpet!
Great job!  Doesn't come back with it directly, 
but comes back and we play some tug. 
So, I repeat it again.  
One more time!
Much better!!

Here's the sad part......

Do you stop there!  
Seriously ask yourself this!
When things are going well......
do you stop!  
If you're honest, most of you would not. either!!!

Guess what I got on the fourth run!
I wanted to fall down in the dirt and cry!

Why did I not stop!
Because it was fun, and I wanted just 

Tomorrow...I'll stop after the first one and build from there.

Hopefully, someone will learn from my mistake!  

Go have fun! 
But stop your training while it's still going well!!


  1. I think that is the hardest part of training - STOP when it's all good, don't keep pushing for just one more.

  2. PS. Do you have the Bang Head Here sign? Or do I need to look for it at my house? I might still have the thing!

  3. Oh Tammy this post just made my day!!! You are totally right about us not stopping while we are ahead per say!! I find myself doing it with the RDW as well. Nettle is adorable by the way :)