Saturday, March 10, 2012

Set Point Jumps, Grids and a Tire

It was SO nice outside today that the dogs
 went for a run in the pasture!

Seeker likes to let Nettle 'think'
she can outrun him....but it doesn't last.....

It was so windy, that Kruz did a
GREAT "Seeker" intimation!

Then Seeker and Nettle had a contest to 
see who had the longest TONGUE!


I think Nettle wins on 'style'.   
After a bit of a rest I took Nettle out to work her first ever
'Set Point Jumps'.   She's seen a straight jump grid with 
jump bumps, but never a jump with an actual bar. 

So, we started with a jump bump, perfect. 
Then 8", 12", 16" and 8" bar.  She was PERFECT!!
That is a WRAP!

Then we played with the jump grid of 4 jump bumps in
a row.  Her sits/holding position were PERFECT, she waited 
for her release!  Even when I ran as fast as I could to the other end! 
We even had some MAJOR distractions!
Starring a couple cats, (thanks Chemi and Cougar!!)
and Poppa picking up sticks! 

Then we went to the tire, which she saw it for the first time yesterday. 
We started with it on the ground, then a 8",
 and today went to 12" then back down. 
With the tire, I'm using Linda M's jump training.  

Nettle was AWESOME!  
(You IS SMART!!!)
She never left her work, which is HUGE for her. 
Never ran off with the tug, another PLUS!

So.....tomorrow I'm tempted to drag that carpet
back out, and start working on those running contacts!
I've put that on hold, because if Nettle's not staying
engaged in the work, it's counter productive to try to 
train new things.   It's suppose to rain...but, maybe if 
we get it out first thing in the morning.  

I'll need to 'flip it'!

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  1. YAY!!!! The HB is kind... The HB is smart... The HB is important!!! Good girl Buttercup!