Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Travel Quiz - FOR MEN!!!

If you're a women reading this, which you likely need to ask your spouse, or significant other what they would do in the following situation.  I'm curious to hear the answer.......

You, a friend and your spouse are returning from an agility trial.  'You', ride with your friend, in her van, and your spouse is following in your van.  Now, there is an 'exchange' exit about 90 minutes into the trip in which "You" get out of the friends car, so she can go home, and you ride the rest of the way home with your spouse. The exchange occurs on the shoulder of the exit.  There is also a gas station a short distance away (1/4 mile tops) that we use as a 'meeting' place to leave for events.

Hopefully you are with me so far.....

So, the Friend is 'flapping her lips', and misses the 'exchange' exit.  The Spouse takes the exit.  

What would your spouse do?

A.  Wait at the shoulder of the exit for you to return.
B. Go to the gas station, and wait for you to take the next exit, and come back.
C. Jump back on the Interstate and follow you.
D. Call you on your cell phone and ask "WTF"!
E. Go Home
F. Don't take the exit, since your friend didn't.

Please respond!!!  Inquiring minds REALLY want to know!! 


  1. Goodness. . .my hubby would probably D and then E, or maybe F.

  2. Ok -- read question to hubby and he said F then D

  3. He says he would call me and ask where we want to meet - although he points out my cell phone is likely off.

  4. I think someone is/will be in trouble no matter what the outcome.

  5. I think my spouse would pick D.

  6. So let me guess, Tammy was riding with Meme and they blew off the exit. If I were Bill and I saw you bypass the exit I would have followed you to see how long it took you to realize you missed the exit. Then I would bring it up when ever you got on my case for forgetting something you thought was important. But I'm just guessing.

  7. Bad decisions make great stories. I wanna hear more.

  8. F then D to Dena, because Michelle's phone is undoubtedly silenced.