Monday, July 23, 2012 the Microwave?

 Um, I've had BETTER ideas!!

Tonight at Puppy Class we will be doing puppy recalls.  I want GOOD food, so what's better than sardines?  I thought if maybe I microwaved them, that they would hold together a bit better.  THINK AGAIN!!  One the bright side, they sure are 'tender'!

 Here's what you get in a can of Sardines!

I thought I could go maybe 90 seconds, but came running back after 15!  They were popping away, Kruz was circling the kitchen, and I pushed the STOP button.   See below!

Big surprise, sardine smell, well....fishy!  
So 'in for a penny, in for a pound'.  
I gave them another 15 seconds! 
Kruz is really agitated now!

So, after 15 more seconds they weren't quite as mushy.
I could get them into bite size pieces.
Um....small pieces, as I guess I should clarify.  
Kruz would NOT see any of those as bite sized!

I've now placed them in the freezer to harden.  
Not sure I'll actually try to use them tonight?
I guess if the kitchen smells like Sardines, 
the Fridge/Freezer might as well too. 

Pretty sure I'll have the BEST treats tonight!


  1. One word... NASTY! LOL. You are going to have the best treats in class!

  2. Sounds like with the smells sticking to everything, you might not even need to bring treats as long as you let that sardine smell soak into your skin by hanging out in the kitchen before leaving!