Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lessons with Michelle Persian - Friday June 5th

Michelle Persian will be available at our place on Friday June 5th. If you're interested in a private, semi-private or mini seminar, please let me know. I'll be setting up a schedule. Cost is listed below. There will be an addition 'approximate' $10 fee per person for her travel expenses. I'll know an exact dollar amount after I know how many people to divide it by. There is not a charge to use the equipment.

Michelle was in the AKC National Championship Finals with her Border Collie, Bria. She also participated in the World Team Try-Outs for the 2009 Team.

See May 3rd post for one of Michelle's runs at World Team Try-outs.

Price list per hour

One person = $50
2 People = $70 (35 per person per hour)
3 - 6 People = $100 (divided by however many people - considered a mini seminar)

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