Thursday, May 7, 2009

Skye's fall on the dog walk

Agility, like any thing else you do can be dangerous, for both handler and dog. I'm not sure which is injured more often, canine or human? You would think it was the dog, but with the the mostly "middle aged" crowd running dogs on uneven surfaces, anything can and does happen. There's been twisted or broken ankles, broken wrists, twisted knees, etc. You hear it more often from the humans as they can TALK!!! I'm sure the dogs have their fair share of aches and pains, especially if they are 'weekend warriors', like their human counter parts. You just don't hear it from the dogs.

Most handlers are very in tune with dogs and behaviors that seem a bit "off" if you will. Maybe they no longer turn one direction as well or they aren't reaching as far. Luckily for our dogs, most of us visit a K-9 Chiropractor on a regular basis. I'm sure the Chiro is happy too!! G

Below is a clip of Lori Michael's and her Sheltie, Skye. They are former World Team Competitors. They were at world team try outs and Skye took a nasty fall off the dog walk. He appeared to be fine and ran again later that day without any hesitation at the dog walk.

It reminds us how often we take things for granted and what sometimes seems like just "fun" can also carry risks. I suppose that goes along with just every day life.


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