Saturday, September 12, 2009

Omaha Trials - Fri/Sat Results

Well, we're in Omaha this weekend. On the Rhonda Crane "Midwest" Groupie Tour. I guess we didn't have much else to do this weekend. VBG

Carrie, Marsha, Bill and I have been keeping the 'orange crew' alive and well in NE. We were joined by Trish and Bichon, Angel, under Carrie's 'tent'. I'm not sure if Trish really wants to be seen with 'us' yet, but she seemed to hold her own. Angel gave Vinnie plenty of dirty looks.....just in case he was thinking of getting a little 'too friendly'.

Carrie and Addie earned a DQ on Friday!! GOOD JOB THEM. Kruz and Bill got a JWW 3rd and an ALMOST DQ in STND. They did VERY well. The rest of us didn't fair as well. We were all VERY close! We got finished just in time Friday afternoon, as the rain was coming in!!

Saturday we had several Q's, as well as many near Q's. Addie earned a Exc A FAST leg and a JWW 1st!! Betty and Frank earned JWW legs and I'm pretty sure there was a blue ribbon hanging on Frank's door. Seeker earned his first MACH points out of Standard and did some lovely things.

I'm off to Whittington, IL tomorrow, after we're done running, for the PWD Specialty. It should be fun, Mad will run Monday and Tuesday in Novice Preferred. We'll be back on Thursday, just in time to turn around and head to Des Moines Friday morning. These things always sound good at the time! G

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