Tuesday, September 29, 2009

MOVIES!!! From DSM/Davenport weekends

I must admit, Natalie's walk through Novice JWW was the BEST!!! She was following Johnette around the course, while carrying her little stuffed Siberian Husky, Sugar. Pretty soon we'll all be out there with our little stuffed 'perfect' dogs!! G

The You Tube posts need to be under 10 minutes in length. Thus, there are 4 of them. SORRY!!! I really tried to put them all on one. Oh well!!! ENJOY!!

Still awaiting a formal post from the Agile Reporter.


  1. This was FUN! We think you should do it every weekend!

  2. As the Agile Reporter, I've been thinking all week about some clever comments to come up with. However, my brain is a little on overload right now and I guess the best commentary is to just watch - a picture really is worth a 1000 words. Thanks for doing this Tammy. It's fun watching all of them but also know it took a lot of work for you to do it. Thanks from all of us.