Monday, October 5, 2009

Wentzville, MO - Results

We survived the weekend in Wentzville!! It was a very long weekend with two provisional judges and we experience long bouts of down time. It wouldn't have been so bad if we'd known ahead of time about this. The 'kind of' funny thing is, if you'd read the premium and looked at the running order, it did say (in small print) that the rings would be running sequentially. Well, NOT US!!! G

Friday we leave at 6 am (which is pretty late for us!!!). Bill and Mad will be in Novice and they follow the Open Stnd and JWW classes. It's to begin at 10 am, so we should arrive about then. We did. The trial started 30 minutes late and then the class too forever. 90 minutes later, they started Open JWW. Needless to say, it was on LONG day!!! Mad and Bill Q'ed in both of their Novice classes, Coz Q'ed in Open FAST and Bill DQ in the Excellent classes with Kruz. The rest of us had little bobbles here and there, but looked GOOD. We headed for the hotel at 8:50 after Addie's run. They still had more to go!!!

Saturday was a bit better. We still ran all of Standard before we could start JWW. It was nice in the fact that you could watch everyone run. Addie DQ'ed, Kruz Q'ed in JWW and Mad Q'ed in Nov P JWW. Barb and Carrie headed back to the hotel after Excellent to take a nap, (about 2 PM) we hoped to be following them shortly. It was 5:30 when we left the arena. UGH!

Sunday looked a bit more promising as the AKC rep was no longer present. This helped the Excellent judge relax, just a titch. The Standard Course was just lovely - Addied Q'ed with 2nd place, and Bill and Terry just messed up one little thing. Tammy/Seeker and Barbara/Coz, well, let's just say....the boys had fun. G

In Excellent JWW on Sunday the 20" dogs got their act together and all Q'ed!! Addie held onto the end, but then found an off course jump just a bit too tempting!!!

Don was there this weekend with his wife. Remember how I said that Friday was a long day? Well, to put it into perspective, Don's son, Doug is a pilot. He left East Berlin Friday morning and made it in time to see BOTH of Don and Tina's RUNS!!!! What nice people.

Here's one of Don's runs, along with Gene who runs a Mal in Novice from a wheelchair. Gene is actually mobile, but walks with a cane. I suppose it would be tempting to use that cane as an arm extension and I don't suppose that's legal, or we'd all be using one!! G If Gene was part of the 'Orange Crew', you KNOW we'd all want to try to run our dogs with his chair. Luckily, he's not from OUR area!!! LOL

Finally, if you can't make fun of yourself, what else is there? I ran into a jump....AGAIN!! I felt a bit better when Terry almost ran into the same jump, unfortunately, that run wasn't caught on the FLIP!! Seeker was suppose to take the Dog Walk, apparently my scream along with the bar falling was a bit too much for him. G Trust me, I kept running, leashed the dog and got out of the building as fast as possible!!! LOL


  1. Hey, Gene is wearing an orange sweatshirt. He could be one of us! His dog looks lovely.

    And what exactly did you say when you crashed the jump? LOL

  2. I'm giggling (just a little)!!! Ok - a LOT!Love the music with the BC's running. Sounds like you had a good week-end. Thanks for sharing.

  3. maybe I'm lucky I only got to trial on sunday!

  4. LMAO - you are a GOOD sport! The music is perfect for watching agility (much better than rap!)