Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lacrosse, WI - Results - Carrie and Michele

Carrie (Addie/Pauly) along with Michele (Packer) headed up to the AKC trial held in Lacrosse, WI last weekend.

Packer had a great weekend!!! She nailed her table both days, although her down was a bit slow according to Michele. Most importantly she DID IT!!!!! Good Girl Packer. Michele, however took a few nano naps at the most inappropriate times, so chalk that up to handler errors.

Addie picked up another DQ on Saturday to bring home a red and yellow ribbon! WELL DONE!! On Saturday she finished 2nd in JWW, had an off course in Standard.

Pauly was a good boy, he ran with his usual ENTHUSIASM!!! Kind of reminds you of a pint size Boogie, with a little more Velcro. GOOD BOY PAULY!!!

Sorry, no pictures or video provided.

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