Saturday, October 10, 2009

USDAA In Omaha!!!

Well, remember the weather forecast? How many times are those guys right? Let's face it, most people's DQ rate is higher than the percentage of times the forecasters are correct. So, Bill, Kruz, Mad, Seeker and I loaded up "Carrie" and headed West for Omaha for an 'outside' on grass USDAA Agility Trial!!! I might add that the normal temperature for Omaha this time of year is 68 degrees!! I was looking forward to a nice sunny autumn day!

The forecast was for an accumulation of under 1" by Saturday morning. My predication came true!! They were WRONG!!!! Try almost 3" at 6 am!! It was still coming down with a vengeance!

You can imagine the thoughts that went through my head when I pulled back the curtain this morning to view the La Quinta parking lot! Hint - I did NOT say - "YIPPEE YEA!!!"

The trial contact had already e-mailed us on Friday to advise they were going to be starting an hour later, due to the anticipated snow fall. So, we didn't need to be there for check in until 8 am. I decided to call the contact person at 7 am to see if they still wanted us to come. She informed me that yes, they'd like everyone to comes so that a decision could be made as to whether it was safe for both dog and handler. Hum.....this did NOT sound good!

It got worse!

So, what do you think the chances are we got to run?

I envisioned determined agility enthusiasts with shovels in hand clearing off the agility fields in order to run their dogs. Ice scrapers being used on contact pieces and mitten covered stewards setting bars. Snow angels being made during the walk through.

Rats, after a very short discussion it was decided that they would cancel the trial for the weekend. That was very nice, since if they'd just cancelled it for the day, I would have stayed around for Sunday. Just in case. Yes, I have a slight agility addiction!

On the up side, Seeker got a measurement on his "blue card". In USDAA you need to have 3 CMJ (Certified Measuring Judge), measurements to earn a permanent height card. Okay, let's face it, at least we got something out of the trip! G

Can you believe my camera was at the hotel this morning!!! So, sorry, no pictures of the agility equipment buried under a nice fresh blanket of snow! Maybe next time!


  1. What? You didn't camp?!

    Unreal! Let's hope this is NOT a preview of an early, long winter.

  2. I like outside trials too, but probably not in the snow. I don't like to be cold!