Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Entry Fees - Now we're talking MONEY!

I was talking with someone the other day about registering his Non-AKC purebred dog with the AKC. AKC is now allowing ‘Rare Breeds’ as well as ‘Mix Breed’ dogs to be registered, and thus eligible to be entered in performance events. He was voicing his concern over the high AKC entry fees. He couldn’t believe how much more the AKC Fees were, when compared to the Terrier Clubs or NADAC entry fees. I know blog material when I hear it, so I did a comparison.

I should mention here that I have shown in all these venues at one time or another. I’m not trying to point one out as better than any other. This is purely dollars and cents!

I decided that not only a comparison in entry fees would be in order, but also, what it takes to get into each Venue’s Nationals. It was rather interesting.

(At some point I’ll figure out the cost of your MACH/ADCH/NATCH Championships)

These figures are Entry Fees ONLY!! (Per Dog)
Based on 100% Qualifying Rate.
(Now that's realistic!)

It does not include travel time, missed work, gas, lodging or food.


Runs can cost $10 - $12 each. For simplicity sake, let’s say $10.

The norm seems to be a possible 6 runs a day, if you do them all, thus $120 for a two day weekend.

Nationals – Out West in WY or UT

Points must be earned at the Open or Elite Levels.

You need 120 points from Standard and then 20 points from each of the 6 games.
You can earn 5 pt Q’s, but for simplicity sake, let’s say you do it with all clean runs at 10 points each.

Standard = $120
Games = $120
Total to get to Nationals = $240


Entry Fees -
Double Standards + Single Games (Jumpers/Snooker/Gamblers/Pairs) = $72 ($12 each)
Double Standards + Double Games (Jumpers/Snooker/Gamblers/Pairs) = $120 ($12 each)
Tournaments – (Team = $60 (5 runs)) Steeple Chase = $20, Grand Prix = $20

You do not need to be in a particular performance level (Starters/Advanced/Masters) in order to qualify for USDAA Nationals. Anyone can go if you get the Tournament Qualifiers. You are not required to Qualify for all 3.

Needed for Nationals (Each Event) –
Nationals had been in AZ for a number of years.
In 2010 it will be in KY.

2 – Q’s - Steeple Chase = $40
2 – Q’s – Grand Prix = $40
1 – Q – Team = $60

Total to get to Nationals (all classes) = $140


Standard + Jumpers W/ Weaves = $35 (2 runs)

AKC does offer a FAST game class, but not many people seem to do it much anymore. It’s not required for your MACH and it makes a long day even longer.

Nationals – 2010 in Tulsa, OK, numbers down significantly. Even with the addition of the Preferred dogs. Location rotates throughout the United States.

6 DQs + 400 MACH points – Q’s and Points must come from the Excellent B level Classes. Points are earned by being under the Standard Course Time (SCT). The faster you are, the more points you earn. FAST Q’s not required.

$210 for DQs
$577 for 400 points (based on 12 pts per run)
Total to get to Nationals = $787

So, what does this mean in the ‘grand scheme of things’?

Absolutely NOTHING!

It’s just an interesting comparison between the different venues,
costs and requirements.

In the grand scheme of things, there are a lot less ‘healthy’
ways in which to spend your money.

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