Sunday, March 7, 2010

Good Ole' Pop and Jerk!


Yep, that's FLYBALL BOX WORK!!

I'd say 'at it's finest', but YIKES!
We won't even go into the dog's 'form'
on the box, which is rather poor in my opinion.
No swimmer's turn there!

This is from a Flyball Training Book that was
published in 1995 or so. NOT THAT LONG AGO!

I can tell you that none of our dogs (nope, not even the BC)
would have charged to the box after a couple of corrections for it.

The theory was/(is) that the dog will try to 'avoid'
the 'pop and jerk', thus coming off the box faster.
The 'Smart Dogs' were the ones that just said "HAIL NO"
and didn't approach the box again!

Unfortunately, some dogs did want the ball so badly
that they would continue to charge the box.

We've been out of flyball for a number of years now.
I do believe that more and more Flyball Teams
have found that a great game of chase will
get a dog off the box MUCH faster than a
nice pop and jerk on the leash.

I've been sorting through boxes and totes of ribbons
and have been finding some really FUN treasures!
Old "Team Obedience" Pictures, and such.
It makes the sorting move rather slow,
when you get distracted by these things,
but it is rather entertaining!

More "Treasures" will be shared soon!


  1. I can't wait to see what else you come up with!!

  2. OMG,I thought pop and jerk was exclusively an obedience production. Guess I was wrong! TG wiser minds have prevailed.