Sunday, April 4, 2010


Meet my "NEW" and "Borrowed" Obedience Dog!


(His eyes don't normally look like this!)

That's why I get to show him!
Actually, I think all the other dogs were spoken for!

It could be "Magic", if he says with me for the whole 'class'.
Magic, is now owned by Tracy and Paula.
He was formerly owned, trained and loved by Kay Lowe,
who passed away last December.
Thus, I'm really honored to be showing this cute little guy.

We'll be doing a TEAM obedience at the Amana's on Saturday.
Kind of like Olympic synchronized swimming, without water or nose plugs.
It consists of 4 dogs and 4 handlers.
Yes, we are selling tickets!
Our Team consists of 2 Poms and 2 PWDs.
Thus - Nauti-Poms- is our name.
Tracy, Paula, Michele and myself will be controlled by the dogs.

The other 3 dogs are black with white bibs.
Magic is Orange and his hair is his bib!
I guess it'll be easy for the judges to know WHICH dog make the mistake!
It was the ORANGE ONE!!!
Have you ever tried to find a snap under all that hair!
I might never get out of the ring!

We've had 3 practices with this team.
The first one was our best, which probably means,
we should have just shown without practicing!

We're kind of cramming, since two of our practices were this weekend.
Probably NOT the best way to get STELLAR results.
Oh well, you get what you pay for.

Today Magic was a little distracted.
Michele thinks that Kay is probably talking to him.
Hello KAY!! Please avoid talking to him in the ring!
We're trying to remember when to give him treats.
Kay provided, Good Dog Treats, Bad Dog Treats,
Aren't you Cute Dog Treats, Potty Treats and of
course the ever popular Reward Chair!
I'll need to pack an extra for Magic.

Today he was so distracted that he was
heading to the recall line up without me!
I had to run to catch up with him.
RUN! This dog is all of 6.5 lbs.
I need to be CAREFUL!!
His dog treats are so small they
might as well be called MINCED!

On a more positive note,
Magic Qualified in Rally Novice today with Paula.
He got 4th place!
Paula said he would have done better,
but he was so distracted!
KAY!!!! Stop it! G

He was the only one of our 4 "Team Dogs" to Q!

That a boy Magic!

It's been a good 7 years since I've been in
the obedience ring. It should be interesting!!!


  1. This weekend is going to rock! Go teams!

    Maybe Kay could give Phoenix a talking too . . .

    All right, that would be totally weird. I'll just give him a bad dog cookie. LOL

  2. What a cutie. Yeah for permormance poms-more than just lap dogs!

  3. No pressure Tammy. If you don't do well with Magic or YOU are naughty - I'll look for an unlocked van to put YOU in on Kay's behalf.

    It is going to be fun to watch all the teams.