Monday, April 19, 2010

Some More Time!!!

Kruz, Mad (chair) and Seeker
(Yes, that is a gas can holding up the poker)
(No, it's never had gas in it!!)

Or should I say, SMORE TIME!!!

We had another 'stay at home weekend', with a lot of things to get done.
The weather was BEAUTIFUL!!
We decided to burn some of the branches we'd cut.
What a perfect time for smores!
Better yet, what a great time for a little video!

Granted, this wasn't very fancy,
but the dogs seemed to have a great time!

Kruz was totally in his element, showing off all he knows.
Seeker just wanted to do SOMETHING!
Mad, well, like me....she was in it for the FOOD!

I must admit, after Seeker retrieved the Marshmallows the first time,
there was a hole in the bag! Mad was trying to figure out if she could grab one
'before' the retrieve!


  1. THAT made me laugh!! Very nice job... although I am not sure that Cougar should be anywhere near a gas can or match!!

  2. Cougar was actually hiding in the brush pile, ready to pounce as a moments notice! I had to make sure he was clear before we lit it! YIKES!

  3. Cute, cute, cute! Although Seeker with a poker is alarming. I was waiting to see one of them strike the match for ignition!

  4. How fun was that and who would have thunk - a song about "smores"????? Good job. Nice way to start a Monday.